Dear Reader

DEAR READER: My votes aren't on my Facebook profile

Ever-evolving social media may change the way we think about values like transparency and impartiality, but never the way we think about professionalism. Check out the Missourian's newest conflicts-of-interest policy.

DEAR READER: Boone Life showcases community experience

Photojournalists at the Columbia Missourian go beyond Columbia's borders in search of stories that highlight life in Boone County.

DEAR READER: Missourian looking for new ways to engage print, online readers

The Missourian wants to interact with and serve you better. Participate in this five-minute survey to help us figure out how.


DEAR READER: Missourian sports students go toe-to-toe with pros — and win

The Associated Press Sports Editors honored the Missourian sports staff in their annual contest last week.

DEAR READER: Kachingle counts on contributions from us, the crowd

This week, the Missourian and Vox launched Kachingle, a "crowdfunding" effort to support good journalism.

DEAR READER: Contributors to Show Me the Errors increase

Jim Terry, an art history professor in the liberal arts department at Stephens College, is again the winner of the Show Me the Errors contest. He has been the winner of the contest for three of the four months since the contest started in October.

DEAR READER: 'Snowpocalypse' is history. Was it historic?

Join the Missourian editors in the debate to decide if this week's snowstorm was historic or historical. Or both?

DEAR READER: In reporting the snowstorm, the first question should be whether the coffee will hold out

When winter weather comes, the news — and the newsroom — must go on.

DEAR READER: We're remodeling Global Journalist to serve you better

Look for new and exciting changes to MU's Global Journalist — in print, on air and online. Its new mindset includes a commitment to community and conversation that's convenient for all users.

DEAR READER: Catching up with Missourian alumni columnists

What ever happened to that Missourian columnist whose byline you came to recognize? Here's a look at what some of the Columbia Missourian's seasoned staff are doing now.

DEAR READER: There is little difference between 'student' and 'professional' reporters

Covering the KOMU-Mediacom negotiations requires reporting skills, regardless of whether the reporter is a student or a professional.

DEAR READER: KOMU-Mediacom negotiations were all about words and dollars

The battle between Mediacom and KOMU comes down to money.

DEAR READER: Jim Terry wins Show Me the Errors contest again

Entries in the Show Me the Errors contest for December dropped off sharply after the two leaders. Overall, there were 154 reported errors — mostly typos and erroneous punctuation.

DEAR READER: Let the lobbying commence on repealing Prop B

The intensity and interest in Proposition B is evident in the discussion on Can we reframe the debate as the legislature talks of repeal?

DEAR READER: There's a whole lot of grit in this cinder-free city

The city will be cinder-free this snow season -- unless the conditions make salt ineffective. Why The District and the Village at Cherry Hill won't follow the exemption is grist for another article.

DEAR READER: Readers can help keep records requests alive

By spotting the Missourian, readers can help fund records requests.

DEAR READER: And the winner of the top news story of the year is...

You have the chance, too, to choose what you think were the most significant news stories of the past year.

DEAR READER: The biggest risk in reporting errors? We might get it right

Who wouldn't want the help of thousands of eyeballs? Too many people in newsrooms. The evidence lies in the need to create an advocacy group for reporting errors.

Some phrases you won't see this season — or else

Cliches such as "Christmas came early" and "'tis the season" can leave you ill with overload during this week of Thanksgiving. Find the offending phrases in the Missourian and report them to help rid the world of this plague.

DEAR READER: After the paywall rises, Tribune commenters may migrate to the Missourian

The Tribune's paywall will go into effect Dec. 1 ,and the ensuing months will answer some interesting questions. Will the Missourian actually get a significant increase in online traffic, and can it sustain that readership? After their initial ire, will Tribune readers and commenters stay put and subscribe to see more than 10 articles a month?