Dear Reader

DEAR READER: Photojournalists gave their lives to bear witness

Four journalists have died this year in Libya alone; dozens more will be killed in their line of duty — pursuing the news. We must recognize the sacrifice they make.

DEAR READER: Digital archives don't last: A tale of corruption and crashes

This week, a group of archivists, scholars, vendors and newspaper editors sat in The Newspaper Archive Summit at Reynolds Journalism Institute.

DEAR READER: Leaves were falling when the MU substance violations story began

Student-journalist Michelle Markelz went through a lot to get the story on alcohol and drug violations at MU.

DEAR READER: Editing conference reaffirms Show Me the Errors contest

The American Copy Editors Society conference in  March  bolstered the commitment to making the as error free as possible. Suggestions in the Show me the Errors contest decreased 50 percent from January to March.

DEAR READER: A note on Kansas basketball, snow and other competitions

Competition makes for odd companions. Hope springs for a record snow. Bracketology can make Jayhawk lovers out of the most loyal MU fans. Reporters chase their tails in the Mike Anderson Hog Watch.

DEAR READER: There's sun in the fight for government transparency

An array of websites that promote transparency in government helps open public information up to citizens.

DEAR READER: Open records showcase the value of information

Each Monday, Show Me the Records highlights a piece of publicly available and free information on the Internet. The information helps readers create their own stories from the news.

DEAR READER: Show Me the Errors contest stirs fever for accuracy

As editors crack down on accuracy checks, errors shrink but haven't disappeared. 

DEAR READER: My votes aren't on my Facebook profile

Ever-evolving social media may change the way we think about values like transparency and impartiality, but never the way we think about professionalism. Check out the Missourian's newest conflicts-of-interest policy.

DEAR READER: Boone Life showcases community experience

Photojournalists at the Columbia Missourian go beyond Columbia's borders in search of stories that highlight life in Boone County.

DEAR READER: Missourian looking for new ways to engage print, online readers

The Missourian wants to interact with and serve you better. Participate in this five-minute survey to help us figure out how.


DEAR READER: Missourian sports students go toe-to-toe with pros — and win

The Associated Press Sports Editors honored the Missourian sports staff in their annual contest last week.

DEAR READER: Kachingle counts on contributions from us, the crowd

This week, the Missourian and Vox launched Kachingle, a "crowdfunding" effort to support good journalism.

DEAR READER: Contributors to Show Me the Errors increase

Jim Terry, an art history professor in the liberal arts department at Stephens College, is again the winner of the Show Me the Errors contest. He has been the winner of the contest for three of the four months since the contest started in October.

DEAR READER: 'Snowpocalypse' is history. Was it historic?

Join the Missourian editors in the debate to decide if this week's snowstorm was historic or historical. Or both?

DEAR READER: In reporting the snowstorm, the first question should be whether the coffee will hold out

When winter weather comes, the news — and the newsroom — must go on.

DEAR READER: We're remodeling Global Journalist to serve you better

Look for new and exciting changes to MU's Global Journalist — in print, on air and online. Its new mindset includes a commitment to community and conversation that's convenient for all users.

DEAR READER: Catching up with Missourian alumni columnists

What ever happened to that Missourian columnist whose byline you came to recognize? Here's a look at what some of the Columbia Missourian's seasoned staff are doing now.

DEAR READER: There is little difference between 'student' and 'professional' reporters

Covering the KOMU-Mediacom negotiations requires reporting skills, regardless of whether the reporter is a student or a professional.

DEAR READER: KOMU-Mediacom negotiations were all about words and dollars

The battle between Mediacom and KOMU comes down to money.