Dear Reader

DEAR READER: offers prizes in Show-Me the Errors contest

Spot a grammar error when reading the Missourian?  Make sure to let us know, and you could receive a Missourian mug and a copy of "The Glamour of Grammar: A Guide to the Magic and Mystery of Practical English."

DEAR READER: A portrait of documentary photojournalism

Documentary photojournalism means starting a story with the reality of a situation. While photojournalists sometimes have to rely on manufactured events to cover the news, the best photojournalism comes from real moments in the subject's natural environment.

DEAR READER: Missourian changes should bring improvements to print, online content

New job descriptions and changes to the work flow should help the Missourian emphasize its digital-first goal.


DEAR READER: Now hiring: newspapers

Despite skepticism and a changing field, journalism graduates are finding jobs in the field.

DEAR READER: A tip and a paper trail led to the Derrick Washington story

The decision about how — and when — to publish the Derrick Washington story sparked debate in the Missourian newsroom about identifying victims, using social media and raising unanswered questions.

DEAR READER: Free food! The second Missourian Readers Board is about to begin

Members of the Readers Board can learn more about the newspaper business and make suggestions for a better Missourian.

DEAR READER: News flash: Islam is, in fact, a religion

Last month, the Missourian wrote in a voters guide about a third-party political candidate who doesn't believe Islam is a religion. Deciding who to cover, and how, is complicated.

DEAR READER: How much detail is too much in reporting on suicides?

In most stories about suicide, the Missourian articles indicated a method and place, which the Suicide Prevention Resource Center says should be avoided. But to understand the events in a larger context, some details are needed.

DEAR READER: News of your neighbors works, mostly

A survey of Neighborhood News e-newsletter readers show there's a lot to like -- one reason the Missourian is expanding to 17 areas this fall.

DEAR READER: High schoolers learn the ropes at Urban Journalism Workshop

Whether it was learning about online journalism or just getting over the apprehension of interviewing, there was plenty for students to learn at this year's MUJW conference.

DEAR READER: Cool off from the heat with some fun from a would-be kid

Have you heard? It's hot. What more can be said about it? A lot.

DEAR READER: Lessons learned from a visitor down the hall

Nairobi fellow Washington Gikunju's quiet manner isn't a hindrance in the blunt world of American journalism. It's an asset.

DEAR READER: IBM story shows the structure for private deals with public money

The Columbia Area Jobs Foundation and Regional Economic Development Inc. are likely to play roles in future deals as well.

DEAR READER: Work under way to revamp Missourian Stylebook

It's the time of year when editors at the Missourian engage in one of their favorite pastimes: arguing about words and how to use them. We're revamping the stylebook, a process that's not for the faint of heart.

DEAR READER: What would Vox look like on an iPad?

The Vox online coordinator will begin thinking about ways to bring the best of print and the Web to Apple's latest gadget.

DEAR READER: The Web and digital technologies are killing news organizations? That's a myth

Newspapers are finding ways to adapt to new technologies while maintaining their role as kings of original reporting.

DEAR READER: It's OK for Helen Thomas' seat to go to another columnist

The White House Press Corps dean's comments about Jews in Palestine ended her career but brought light to an important issue: Should opinion columnists have a front-row seat to the White House briefing room?

DEAR READER: Newspapers not connected to their communities? That's just a myth

Journalism today is encouraging interactivity with community members, and newspapers benefit their communities by bringing awareness to corruption and secrecy in government.

DEAR READER: Records interesting for what they don't reveal about Big Ten move

While there is no "smoking gun" regarding the rumors of Missouri joining the Big Ten, there is definitely interest in the topic among the top UM System administrators.

DEAR READER: The myth of newspaper bias

There’s a lot of junk journalism out there, and it feeds the public’s sense that “the media” are high on agenda and low on ethics.