Dear Reader

DEAR READER: Let's throw a party for the 100 Ages celebs

The positive response to the Missourian's 100 Ages, A Century of Voices project prompts an idea for a celebration of the diversity of lives in mid-Missouri.


DEAR READER: Gutenberg opened up the world

According to author Jeff Jarvis, Gutenberg is a geek of the highest order. Like Steve Jobs and other, he created something that opened up the world.

DEAR READER: Trudeau's hiatus prompts a Prickly response

Doonesbury is taking a break. But don't worry, Prickly City and it's cast of characters are here in the meantime.


DEAR READER: 100 voices tell the story of Boone County

Inspired by a Belgian photographer, graduate photojournalism student Alyssa Goodman found more than 100 stories from Boone County residents.

DEAR READER: Many questions, few answers, in killing of Brandon Coleman

A month after the incident, the public has yet to receive details about Brandon Coleman's death. With the case becoming a growing part of community discussion, it's time for the Columbia Police Department to answer questions.


DEAR READER: Let's solve problems together

Journalistic efforts coupled with a knowledgeable network of people who are deeply embedded in the places they live can work together to make sure change agents have what they need to solve problems.

DEAR READER: Fueling the book addiction adds to editing resources

Four new book acquisitions provide inspiring reading for the summer.

DEAR READER: Museums may turn out to be the story of the summer

The controversy over the move of the Museum of Anthropology and the Museum of Art and Archeology may prove to be the “hits” of the summer. Or “page views,” in more acceptable Web analytic language.

DEAR READER: Battle High School's opening is historic moment for Columbia

Battle High School cost nearly $76 million, a cost equivalent to five new MU softball complexes or six Short Street garages. The Missourian is marking the opening by producing coverage in four ways.

DEAR READER: Apostrophes under attack as being unnecessary, pesky

Since 1890, the Domestic Names Committee has been removing apostrophes from place names - here's why you should care.

DEAR READER: You could be a criminal for publishing a name

You might be thinking the legislature only intended to stop news media from publishing lists of gun permit holders. If so, legislators were in need of an editor because the bill as written takes a broader whack at the First Amendment protections of free speech and free press.

DEAR READER: Journalists are a kind of first responder during disaster coverage

Whether close to home or far away, many people sought out news about Monday's tornado and its tragic aftermath in Moore, Okla. The response adds proof to the need for journalism. Many government or nonprofit officials said during interviews on Monday afternoon that they were getting their information and perspective from news reports, same as everyone else.

DEAR READER: Here's how we're covering more of City Council meetings

The Missourian covers Columbia City Council meetings regularly, but with DocumentCloud reporters can include more information and notes with their stories.

DEAR READER: Recording the memories of MU's Arvarh Strickland

Journalism will help preserve the memory of Arvarh Strickland, a man who is known for being the first African-American professor at MU but who was also much more.

DEAR READER: Another crack at an old problem of plagiarism

In a time where plagiarism is easier than ever, Missourian Executive Editor Tom Warhover says the principles are easy: Don't cheat. Don't lie. 

DEAR READERS: Trumpeting the power of words entertains copy editors

Peter Sokolowski, an editor at large with Merriam-Webster Dictionary, was the keynote speaker at the 17th annual American Copy Editors Society national conference. And, he added a bonus of playing a couple of tunes on his trumpet.

DEAR READER: There are no illegal immigrants, just people who enter illegally

The Associated Press Stylebook now bans the term as a label. It's actions that count. Not everyone is pleased with the change.

DEAR READER: Archived stories shouldn't be deleted

Old stories have value. That’s why the Missourian launched a system in which everything on the website is free for the first 24 hours but anything older requires a paid membership.

DEAR READERS: Missourian stylebook ready for its annual update

The Columbia Missourian Stylebook and Guide to Mid-Missouri will be undergoing its annual revisions in the coming weeks. If you have suggestions, feel free to send them along.

DEAR READER: Let the light shine for open government

The Missourian will take part in celebrating Missouri's open record law as part of Sunshine Week.