Dear Reader

DEAR READERS: Headlines can stir up heaps of trouble

If it were easy, everyone would be writing headlines. Unfortunately, even the pros get caught up in mayhem and mishaps that show up in print or online.

DEAR READER: Finding the story behind an MU job candidate with ties to Abu Ghraib

An email from a retired MU professor prompted the first article written by the Missourian, and that article will be followed up on.

DEAR READER: Newtown overwhelmed by outpouring of support

On behalf of city officials, the editor of The Newtown Bee asks that the donations of physical goods be directed to local agencies in memory of those lost at Sandy Hook Elementary. A fund is set up for monetary donations.

DEAR READER: Acts of kindness amid an act of evil

The most important thing I can do is continue to ask good questions of my reporters and editors to help cover the search for solutions.

DEAR READER: 'Dooziewhoppers' create havoc for copy editors

A poorly written sentence, an illogical sequence of cause and effect, missing facts and incorrectly spelled names make Missourian's copy editors to go "dooziewhopper."

DEAR READER: 'Against the Odds' stories inspire awe, tears

MU journalism students compile inspirational stories about people who have somehow overcome the odds.


DEAR READER: Here's the story behind the Michael Dixon Jr. story

Missourian reporters and editors had to consider a number of issues in our reporting of the story surrounding Michael Dixon Jr. and the allegations against him.

DEAR READER: Misused words sound sour notes

In editing, there's no reason to give berth to misused and misspelled words. But help is available for folks who don't know the difference between troop and troupe.

DEAR READER: Celebrity sells, and we're the ones buying

The news of Gen. David Petraeus' affair and Gary Pinkel's divorce have grabbed media's attention. The stories of rich and famous might not be the most newsworthy content, but we know we still want them.

DEAR READER: What's yummier: Elections or Halloween candy?

As Election Day approached, Missourian staff planned for potential outcomes in preparation for an inevitably late night. Despite the unknown, excitement escalated in the newsroom, reflecting optimism surrounding democracy.

DEAR READER: It is not just another election year for the Missourian

The Missourian's campaign coverage has been outstanding this year with hardworking reporters and editors.

DEAR READER: 'Its' tops the list of endangered words

There just seem to be some words that people continually misuse or leave out all together. It's, their and this are most often the victim of this grammar offense. 

DEAR READER: The incident in question involved three letters — DGB

Social media allows journalists to now ask the public for assistance in filling in the gaps.

DEAR READER: It doesn't take a madman to create a dictionary, but story shows it helps

"The Professor and the Madman" tells the story of the making of the Oxford English Dictionary and the two men who created it.

DEAR READER: Some things in life, and on the Missourian website, are still free

Things might change as the Columbia Missourian marks its 104th birthday but its dedication to readers will never change.

DEAR READER: The SEC, MU and national politics, by the numbers

An MU College of Business study has published numbers on the economic impact of Missouri's move to the Southeastern Conference. It's $185 million. 

DEAR READER: Relief, and danger, in the remnants of Isaac

Isaac's remnants have brought much needed rain to drought-ridden Columbia, but some people along the Gulf Coast have experienced the brunt of the storm. 

UPDATE: DEAR READER: Technical problems delay launch of digital apps

For now, the old system is still in place and the new one is on the launch pad for Tuesday.

DEAR READER: Why membership makes a difference

Readers of the Columbia Missourian have given of their time, expertise and experience. They have helped make the newspaper what it is: an award-winning publication that trains the next generation of journalists across the world.

DEAR READER: The Missourian launches a digital suite of apps

The Columbia Missourian has created applications that will give readers new ways to access content on smart phones and tablets. The apps are accompanying a change to an experimental pay model.