Dear Reader

DEAR READER: Lessons from Sports Journalism Institute

This week the Sports Journalism Institute met with young journalists to talk about storytelling and interviewing.

DEAR READER: Reader contributions improve our coverage

The Brookside fire gave Missourian readers the opportunity to be our partners in news creation, providing photos of the fire and edited audio from the dispatch. As a result,  the Missourian's coverage was enhanced.

DEAR READER: In digital age, snapshots of a day in news still available

Executive editor of the Missourian talks about how to preserve editions of newspapers that are only online.

DEAR READER: Superstars, research support premise of Show Me the Errors

A 2009 study found that about 97 percent of factual errors go uncorrected. The Missourian's Show Me the Errors contest attempts to combat that problem.


DEAR READER: A graduation tribute to you

Readers of the Missourian make our work at the School of Journalism worthwhile.

DEAR READER: Your stories make us better

Since 2004, the Missourian has published stories straight from community members on In February, the newspaper took a huge step in bringing those stories to the main website in a new section called From Readers.

DEAR READER: A fond farewell for a retiring Missourian advocate

Brian S. Brooks, who is retiring after 39 years with the Missouri School of Journalism, has long been an advocate for the Missourian. On Friday, he shared inspiring stories from his time at the publication.

DEAR READER: Photos on tablets come closer to print version experience

Most tablet apps still display photos in a "slideshow fashion," but the clarity and sharpness of the photos "exceed the capacity of a press."

DEAR READER: The rewards outweigh the stresses of a reporting career listed reporting as the fifth worst job, but Missourian Executive Editor Tom Warhover says the rewards outweigh the stresses of working in journalism.

DEAR READER: Amid the seriousness, copy editors do know how to laugh — even at their own mistakes

Believe it or not, copy editing can be fun. AP style has never been more stylish.

DEAR READER: So much campaign coverage, so few readers or voters

In the Missourian's attempt to cover of candidates running for open seats on the City Council and School Board the reporting has been balanced and measured. The fairly exhaustive review of the people we’ll choose on Tuesday to lead the schools and the city assumes a baseline level of interest in the civic life of our community.

DEAR READER: Weigh in on solutions for Interstate 70

Interstate 70, the country's oldest interstate, has become largely overused and underfunded. Now, you can join the Public Insight Network to give advice or ideas on how to improve the interstate that so many mid-Missouria residents use on a daily basis.

DEAR READER: Endorse all you like in letters to the editor

As long as it isn't a form letter, the Missourian intends to run all letters to the editor.

DEAR READER: Dictionaries help us understand outside world

Sixty-two corrections were submitted to the Show Me the Errors contest last month, giving us insight into the most common mistakes we make on the website.

DEAR READER: Meet the new members of the Readers Board

Twelve community members met Tuesday evening at the first meeting of the Missourian's new Readers Board.

DEAR READER: Foreign correspondent Marie Colvin bore witness to tragedy in the making

Foreign correspondents are "our eyes and ears" in dangerous situations, providing us with "the kind of detail that only an eyewitness could provide."

DEAR READER: New dictionary sparks memories about words; Jim Terry tops entries in Show Me the Error contest

Like Prometheus bringing light to the mortals, words bring understanding to our world. And, there's nothing like a new dictionary to help us use words in the best possible way.

DEAR READER: MyMissourian becomes a new section called 'From Readers'

This week, the stories, recipes and photos that used to appear on MyMissourian will now appear with the rest of the news in the Columbia Missourian under the heading "From Readers."

DEAR READER: Free food! A new Readers Board is forming

If you have ideas about how to improve the Missourian, consider joining the new Readers Board. It will meet four times in the spring.

DEAR READER: No passing grade for MU budget

As important as MU is to Columbia, its funding from the state is decreasing. It is time for the Missourian to step up its coverage to help the entire community understand this complex situation.