Dear Reader

DEAR READER: The SEC, MU and national politics, by the numbers

An MU College of Business study has published numbers on the economic impact of Missouri's move to the Southeastern Conference. It's $185 million. 

DEAR READER: Relief, and danger, in the remnants of Isaac

Isaac's remnants have brought much needed rain to drought-ridden Columbia, but some people along the Gulf Coast have experienced the brunt of the storm. 

UPDATE: DEAR READER: Technical problems delay launch of digital apps

For now, the old system is still in place and the new one is on the launch pad for Tuesday.

DEAR READER: Why membership makes a difference

Readers of the Columbia Missourian have given of their time, expertise and experience. They have helped make the newspaper what it is: an award-winning publication that trains the next generation of journalists across the world.

DEAR READER: The Missourian launches a digital suite of apps

The Columbia Missourian has created applications that will give readers new ways to access content on smart phones and tablets. The apps are accompanying a change to an experimental pay model.

DEAR READER: Summertime brings picnics, family reunions and stylebook revisions

Revising the Columbia Missourian Stylebook takes interesting twists and turns as the editors try to cover as many contingencies as possible for correct usage.

DEAR READER: Where do people and politics meet?

The conclusions drawn by a new study raise questions about where community members see themselves in the country's political discourse and how the Missourian's coverage should be altered in light of those views. 

DEAR READER: Break out the mudbugs and beer. It's SEC time.

Missourian reporters ventured south during the spring to capture the essence of the cities, schools and people of the Southeastern Conference. Look for the package of stories to publish online next week and in print Thursday. It promises to be a good read.

DEAR READER: This press isn't the university's, and this accuracy policy isn't 'quote approval'

In light of recent controversies and confusion, two things should be clarified: The Columbia Missourian print edition has nothing to do with the University of Missouri Press, and Missourian reporters do not give "quote approval" rights to sources.

DEAR READER: High school journalists continue to impress

If the work of the Urban Journalism participants is any indication of the future success of the journalism industry, we all have little to be worried about.

DEAR READER: Sometimes the world of numbers meshes with the world of grammar

Journalists and English majors aren't the only ones who argue pronunciation and grammar. Mathematicians join in the debate on the philosophy of language.

DEAR READER: The American Next delves into the lives of a new generation

The American Next, the product of a collaborative effort by Missouri School of Journalism students, explores the attitudes, ideals and lives of a generation of Americans emerging into adulthood.

DEAR READER: Steer-on-the-loose photo triggers mixed reactions

The news event of the week – a steer running through East Campus – prompted participation from readers, and some negative reactions to a Missourian photo.


DEAR READER: When choosing words, it's always about the reader

When the steer escaped Tuesday, editors were in the "mebby-scales" when deciding the exact word to use for the MU slaughterhouse.


DEAR READER: Lessons from Sports Journalism Institute

This week the Sports Journalism Institute met with young journalists to talk about storytelling and interviewing.

DEAR READER: Reader contributions improve our coverage

The Brookside fire gave Missourian readers the opportunity to be our partners in news creation, providing photos of the fire and edited audio from the dispatch. As a result,  the Missourian's coverage was enhanced.

DEAR READER: In digital age, snapshots of a day in news still available

Executive editor of the Missourian talks about how to preserve editions of newspapers that are only online.

DEAR READER: Superstars, research support premise of Show Me the Errors

A 2009 study found that about 97 percent of factual errors go uncorrected. The Missourian's Show Me the Errors contest attempts to combat that problem.


DEAR READER: A graduation tribute to you

Readers of the Missourian make our work at the School of Journalism worthwhile.

DEAR READER: Your stories make us better

Since 2004, the Missourian has published stories straight from community members on In February, the newspaper took a huge step in bringing those stories to the main website in a new section called From Readers.