Dear Reader

DEAR READER: It took a box to carry all the Missourian awards from press convention

The Columbia Missourian received 58 awards in the annual Missouri Press Foundation contest and won the gold medal in its circulation category.

DEAR READER: Here is this fall's lineup of big local stories. Perhaps.

A preview of what may be in the spotlight at the Missourian this season.

DEAR READER: A changing culture deserves an evolving, responsive newsroom

We're launching a newsroom team to focus on you, the community. Will you help set our agenda and give us a name?

DEAR READER: No contest again as Jim Terry wins Show Me the Errors

The work of copy editors encompasses much more than fixing obvious misspellings and grammar errors, which leaves room for the few dozen errors that Show Me the Errors contest participants help us catch.

DEAR READER: A few challenges for readers and journalism students

For readers, I challenge you not to fall prey to knee-jerk reactions just because someone on the opposite side of the political spectrum has a different idea. For students, I challenge you to take a more critical look at the stories you cover.

DEAR READER: Oxford comma lives; Terry continues reign as Show Me the Errors winner

Contrary to rumor, the Oxford comma has not been dropped by the University of Oxford. Also, Jim Terry won his eighth Show Me the Errors contest.

DEAR READER: How misinformation about cicada ice cream evolved

Despite good intentions, one news outlet's mistake spread wrong information.

DEAR READER: Jim Terry still rules the words in Show Me the Errors contest

The ongoing spirit of the Missourian's Show Me the Errors contest parallels the witty and intellectual look at word usage and editing taken in some of author Bill Bryson's books.

DEAR READER: Keeping up with the latest styles

Exploring the finer points of how the Missourian decides whether it's a "drive-thru" or a "drive-through."

DEAR READER: Covering the Joplin tornado a moving, life-changing experience

It's difficult to express the magnitude of the disaster through words and pictures. To get the full scope, you have to be there.

DEAR READER: Introducing the world premiere of 'The Inverted Pyramid Song'

The song, just like the inverted pyramid itself, is stupidly brilliant.

DEAR READER: America has a right to see the bin Laden photos

President Obama should release the photographs because the images are a period on a long, rambling story of hurt and destruction.

DEAR READER: Research shows the facts behind Show Me the Errors contest

Our Show Me the Errors contest gives online readers a chance to help us spot factual and grammatical errors on our website. Here's a breakdown of some of the mistakes you've found over the past four months.

DEAR READER: Some things we've learned about our new city manager

Mike Matthes begins his job as Columbia's new city manager Monday. It took some persistence, but eventually the Missourian staff learned quite a bit about him.

DEAR READER: Photojournalists gave their lives to bear witness

Four journalists have died this year in Libya alone; dozens more will be killed in their line of duty — pursuing the news. We must recognize the sacrifice they make.

DEAR READER: Digital archives don't last: A tale of corruption and crashes

This week, a group of archivists, scholars, vendors and newspaper editors sat in The Newspaper Archive Summit at Reynolds Journalism Institute.

DEAR READER: Leaves were falling when the MU substance violations story began

Student-journalist Michelle Markelz went through a lot to get the story on alcohol and drug violations at MU.

DEAR READER: Editing conference reaffirms Show Me the Errors contest

The American Copy Editors Society conference in  March  bolstered the commitment to making the as error free as possible. Suggestions in the Show me the Errors contest decreased 50 percent from January to March.

DEAR READER: A note on Kansas basketball, snow and other competitions

Competition makes for odd companions. Hope springs for a record snow. Bracketology can make Jayhawk lovers out of the most loyal MU fans. Reporters chase their tails in the Mike Anderson Hog Watch.

DEAR READER: There's sun in the fight for government transparency

An array of websites that promote transparency in government helps open public information up to citizens.