Gene Robertson

GENE ROBERTSON: Claim Black History Month for action, as well as celebration

Rarely are contemporary issues given contemporary attention, despite the vast belief that few of the old issues have been resolved. They have just been masked.


GENE ROBERTSON: The race issue is symptomatic of a bigger values problem

The current racial tensions in our country are a symptom of a wider spread of divisiveness in our ideological discourse.

GENE ROBERTSON: Devious intent, hidden agendas make the voting process a sham

When students, minorities and citizens at large view all of the participants in the democratic process as untrustworthy and predatory instead of as public servants, we are in trouble.

GENE ROBERTSON: Injustice demands concern and early intervention

In order to fix injustices early, participate in the voting process and address relevant community issues.

GENE ROBERTSON: Support for Fire and Police departments should be voted on separately

Voters must become better informed and active if we want our taxes to address our needs rather than the needs of politicians and administrators.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Why another task force? Solutions to violence are obvious

We need policies and programs to genuinely address the problems that have systematically ushered our young people from the cradle to the prison industrial complex.

GENE ROBERTSON: We all lose when we're not inclusive

There are too many instances of discrimination in the sentencing of persons of color,  as well as in other prejudicial behaviors in our communities.

GENE ROBERTSON: Lack of involvement might be our undoing

Many African-American professionals are a part of the perpetration of injustices against low-income disenfranchised members of their own culture.

GENE ROBERTSON: We must demand accountability

Accountability is the responsibility of all parties involved, and should not be only considered at the end of the situation — it should be a process explained when an idea is conceived.

GENE ROBERTSON: Donald Sterling brought needed conversation about race to forefront

If it were not for Donald Sterling's behavior, the media would not have been energized by the issue you highlighted.

GENE ROBERTSON: Downtown mess should not be par for the course

The downtown core has to contain an adequate infrastructure. The infrastructure must support all of the activities occurring within it.

GENE ROBERTSON: Strong values play a crucial role in our lives

Educators and parents need to focus on the value of positive values early in a child's life to avoid many of the troubles that follow us around today.

GENE ROBERTSON: Beware of quick sales pitches and empty promises

Sales pitches can come from the mayor, city manager or the school superintendent.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Valuing diversity is an honest acknowledgement of equal opportunity

It has been said that doing nothing is worse than subjugating. Denying one's subjugation is worse than acquiescing to one's subjugation.

GENE ROBERTSON: It's a new year — let's make resolutions about helping others

Let’s commit ourselves to not just feeling bad about those less fortunate than us but doing something tangible for them.

GENE ROBERTSON: Nelson Mandela was hero, leader who cared about everyone

Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, is a leadership model for all of us to emulate. He willingly connected himself to people who were oppressed.

GENE ROBERTSON: Police and people of color are all victims of stereotyping

We need to learn to understand individuals and our context before we can know what we can expect from each other.

GENE ROBERTSON: Columbia's violent crime resolution should be reconsidered

Columbia City Council resolution No. R 149-13 is too dense and will not allow for change in terms of limiting violent crime.

GENE ROBERTSON: Pope Francis offers leadership role model

We could all take some lessons from the pope. We are all leaders in some context i.e., family, among friends, at church and in our community. We can all put caring into action, establish positive relationships with everyone we encounter and speak out on our interest and the interest of others.

GENE ROBERTSON: Decisions regarding Syria should hinge on will of the people

It is now incumbent on the executive and the legislative bodies to follow the will of the people. Discussions and decisions on Syria ought to occur with that priority given the highest consideration.