Gene Robertson

GENE ROBERTSON: Fair rodeo incident should be cautionary tale

State Fair rodeo incident highlights importance of showing, teaching character.


GENE ROBERTSON: Knee-jerk solutions don't work

An anti-violence committee may be a far better early step than an arbitrary increase in police officers at the taxpayers expense.

GENE ROBERTSON: Gap between franchised and disenfranchised remains wide

Prejudice and discrimination profiteering is still occurring on the backs of the poor and other disenfranchised groups.

GENE ROBERTSON: African-Americans must take control of 'distorted' history

If African-Americans and other cultural groups want a true history based on their values, experiences and insights, they must supplement the media-controlled history with their own history.

GENE ROBERTSON: Columbia needs leaders to make smart decisions

Columbia's decision-makers and professionals need to seek a positive, qualitative difference in the lives of all of our residents — not just a few.

GENE ROBERTSON: Internet, social media generate need for better word choice, linguistics

The explosion of word usage through the Internet, email and tweets, has created a need to more clearly define the meaning of words.



GENE ROBERTSON: Let's get back to the real purpose of Black History Month

All celebrations — Christmas, Easter, Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday  — are more economic vehicles than they are substantive celebrations of the intended occasion.

GENE ROBERTSON: Obama should focus on helping disadvantaged groups

President Barack Obama has failed to improve life for underrepresented communities in America.

GENE ROBERTSON: Support for unemployed important for all of us

The unemployed need to be able to use the unemployment benefits extension to invigorate their job search as well as plan and adapt to living at a new level for a longer period of time.

GENE ROBERTSON: In wake of Newtown, support and nurture young people

Arming and disarming are but empty gestures if people grow up in an environment that indicates the way to address issues is to win and make someone or something lose.

GENE ROBERTSON: Our job as voters doesn't end after election

When elections are over, the work of the voters is not any more over than for the persons elected to office. If we thought the issues and other reasons were worth voting for, we ought to ensure that they are addressed.

GENE ROBERTSON: We need to build bridges, not fences

We put so much effort into building fences when bridges could just as easily be built and would generate mutual benefits and better enable us to address catastrophes if and when they occur.

GENE ROBERTSON: Poverty is an absent topic in political discussion

Poverty is a large issue in the country, but it still lacks attention in politics.

GENE ROBERTSON: Some questions for President Obama

During this pivotal election season, the president needs to answer to African-Americans and disenfranchised citizens. 

GENE ROBERTSON: Olympians inspire focus on positive values

The Olympic Games inspire people across the world, but they also have been a source of tragedy. Gene Robertson discusses how the Olympics have inspired him, and how we can use them to encourage positive values in society.

GENE ROBERTSON: African-Americans need to unify instead of divide

Gene Robertson says African-Americans need to come together today just as much as they did in earlier times. 

GENE ROBERTSON: Columbia intersection needs inspiring community space

The intersection at Broadway and Providence Road offers potential to become an inviting community space. Columbia should aim to add a mall or commons that create an inspiring ambiance.

GENE ROBERTSON: Strategy for countering violence in Columbia needs to be well-planned

The crisis must be specifically defined, researched and discussed. Only after there is a serious analysis should a strategic process be started. Meanwhile, much work can be done recruiting and enlisting supporters.

GENE ROBERTSON: Lesson from Trayvon Martin

The way Trayvon Martin's family, friends and supporters reacted to the unsatisfactory ramifications by the legislative branch teaches us that we can become dynamic citizens.

GENE ROBERTSON: Missouri basketball team deserves applause for its season

Despite a first-round exit in the NCAA tournament, the Missouri men's basketball team and coaching staff deserve our praise and admiration.