Gene Robertson

GENE ROBERTSON: How to truly help those who need it the most

Millions of Americans have been relegated to a financial underclass. It's past time for our political leaders to deliver help and change for them, not just a privileged few.

GENE ROBERTSON: Lend a helping hand this holiday season

Take the time to do good in the community and give what you can afford.

GENE ROBERTSON: We should nurture the seeds of peace

Corporate war profiteers, lobbyists, politicians and others encourage a war paradigm for their own self-interest. The loss of life and limb, prestige, integrity and other resources by many is too great a price to pay.

GENE ROBERTSON: Instill caring in youth through public service

I propose a mandatory, two-year service requirement for all youths after graduating high school to address the employment crisis for our youth while instilling some values of caring.

COLUMN: Rather than another dialogue, how about accountability for racist remarks?

Rather than focusing on divisive issues we should address the methods used and the people trying to divide us.

GUEST COMMENTARY: We must embrace meaningful development of our youth

Young people have too few employment and education opportunities.

GUEST COMMENTARY: A look at what makes a leader

The more complex our lives, the more we believe we need leaders. And "leader" as a title is different from leadership as a practice.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Critical thinking is necessary to handle our complex world

To reach our full potential, we must rigorously and creatively maximize our thinking in this multidimensional and evolving world.

GUEST COLUMN: Empowering the black powerless

Despite civil rights gains, the black community remains relatively impotent. Too many of the black beneficiaries of economic and political progress have squandered our legacy, resources and potency.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Accountability is a dynamic element of citizenship

We must stop being inactive and begin to hold our leaders accountable.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Haiti disaster a wake-up call for Missouri to prepare

With the disaster in Haiti becoming a warning for other countries vulnerable to a natural disaster, Missouri needs to take action to ready itself in case a disaster should ever occur here.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Disney makes a crowd-pleaser for black community

"The Princess and the Frog" is packed with dazzling characters led by Princess Tiana.

GUEST COMMENTARY: What it means to be a black American

Claiming the term black American as a preferred descriptor gives the author a sense of effectiveness.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Now is the time for togetherness

We must educate ourselves and others to make the decisions that are best for society rather than allowing ourselves to be manipulated. We must take action to address the mess we face.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Our hand to play is our challenge

Obama Power must deliver as promised

The Obama administration needs to demonstrate that it can bring about the hope and change promised during the campaign.

GUEST COLUMN: Obama's election won't end exploitation of race

Beginning with the exploitation and colonization of Africa, Asia and the Americas and continuing through today, race has been used as an economic tool.

GUEST COLUMN: What makes a great city?

Are the characterstics and qualities of a great city different for ethnic minority residents?

LETTER: It's time to get to work

The presidential campaign, parties, parades and celebrations are over. It's time to get to work.

Contextual definitions are everything

Nowadays, what someone says may not always be what they mean. One has to watch out for contextual differences between phrases in order to understand today's political rhetoric.