George Kennedy

GEORGE KENNEDY: Sizing up the hopefuls in the First Ward

The question of which candidate would best serve not only the ward but the city as a whole must be answered by considering a mix of experience and personality. To me, three are most appealing.


GEORGE KENNEDY: Food Bank struggles to close the gap between hunger and security

In a territory of 32 counties, nearly 50 million pounds of food are needed annually. Last year, the Food Bank came up 12.5 million pounds short.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Dealing with vestiges of racism on campus

At a forum Tuesday night, MU Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin urged patience and "systematic, persistent" efforts to change. The students made it clear that their patience has been exhausted.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Mayor makes plea for consensus on Columbia's growth

Listening to Mayor Bob McDavid, one wonders how many student apartments downtown is too many student apartments downtown. And how tall is too tall?

GEORGE KENNEDY: Scuffle over roll carts leads to healthy civic debate

The proposed hybrid system could suit most customers, with a pay-for-what-you-toss option that seems efficient and equitable.

GEORGE KENNEDY: City still struggling to address strain on basic services

Currently there's a dispute over whether to create a "blue ribbon commission" to take another look at our future needs for such basics of modern civilization as adequate sewers, potable water, electricity to power our computers and reasonably smooth roads.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Skirmishes leading to open warfare in the state Capitol

"Rising tide of cynicism" regarding Missouri government may be deserved.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Determined attorney needs a little help from his friends

Stephen Wyse is trying to appeal a civil rights case to the U.S. Supreme Court and is reaching out to 100,000 people to sign a petition.

GEORGE KENNEDY: A year of victories, setbacks for Ginny Chadwick

Although Ginny Chadwick is threatened with a recall, her initiative to raise the age for purchase of tobacco products from 18 to 21 proved triumphant, and the councilwoman intends to keep pushing two more initiatives.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Ignoring basic principles puts journalists in peril

The writer of Rolling Stone magazine's University of Virginia sexual assault story failed to carry out — and her editors failed to insist on — some basic steps that ethics require.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Belated steps to enforce Title IX seem to be a good start

Although MU has pledged itself to "prompt investigations" and "timely action" regarding sexual harassment and assault, the university continues its search for a permanent Title IX coordinator.


GEORGE KENNEDY: Peggy Kirkpatrick's reach has extended far beyond the Food Bank

Longtime Food Bank members observed Kirkpatrick's legacy not with a retirement party but with, more appropriately, an appreciation party.


GEORGE KENNEDY: Violence task force seems dedicated to real change

In carrying out the proposed solutions to community violence, the mayor's task force’s commitment to continuity is key.


GEORGE KENNEDY: Anger and misinformation fueled Tuesday's election results

In Boone County and beyond, the results of Tuesday's election point to the growing mistrust between the community and its government.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Modest fee increase for development is no horror story

Colorful advertisements are misleading the public about development fee increase.

GEORGE KENNEDY: With Ginny Chadwick, a need to better communicate

Chadwick's votes against causes she supported in her election campaign have drawn the ire of her constituents.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Marijuana ordinances would take city in sensible but unpredictable direction

Further moves to decriminalize marijuana in the city could cause confusion because of contradiction with federal and state laws.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Sexual violence finally has attention of those with influence

Sen. Claire McCaskill said at a meeting in Columbia Tuesday morning that she thinks MU “has turned the corner.”

GEORGE KENNEDY: Good neighbors reflect on 175-year relationship

The awards ceremony on Monday included speeches from Mayor Bob McDavid, Presiding Commissioner Dan Atwill and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin. But it was the master of ceremonies, Joe Mosley, who offered the unofficial story of Columbia and Boone County.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Taking stock of city matters, the good and the bad

Despite housing development fiascoes, the city's support of same-sex marriage is this week's silver lining.