George Kennedy

GEORGE KENNEDY: Democrats will have to fight to win and retain Missouri seats

Matt Nappe, data and technology manager for state Democrats, presented a plausible but difficult-to-execute strategy for the state party to prevent Republicans from gaining a veto-proof edge in the General Assembly.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Civic leaders play catch-up in wake of downtown infrastructure muddle

An unintended consequence of the Great TIF Debacle of 2014 was that it united several interests in concern for the future of Columbia. This might turn out to be the most positive result of the ordeal.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Don't look for consensus on infrastructure solution

Monday's City Council meeting is certain to be contentious as both the council and the community remain divided over downtown Columbia's infrastructure needs.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Charting the future of downtown development demands a skillful approach

The real questions that face the Columbia City Council and the community's residents and are whether we can guide growth and how we’ll pay for it.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Positive signs that new chancellor might be skillful leader

As he ends his first month on the job, here’s a preliminary impression of our university’s new chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Trip to Cuba reveals country conflicted about its future

Cuba is a land of contrasts, where the old accompanies the new. But when the "old" is former President Fidel Castro and his socialistic views and the "new" is President Raul Castro and his capitalistic spin, where will Cuba find the balance?

GEORGE KENNEDY: Nimble politicians manage discussion of proposed TIF project

City Manager Mike Matthes is pushing, carefully but determinedly, creation of a huge TIF district to generate the funds that would allow growth to resume in the heart of Columbia. As any good politician would, he made a low-key pitch for his idea while appearing open to other approaches and moving to pre-empt the most obvious objections.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Violence Task Force promises to focus on causes and remedies of violence

The task force decided, by consensus, to launch its work by bringing to the Sept. 11 meeting proposed research questions that will be organized and prioritized for attention.

GEORGE KENNEDY: City budget shows Columbia's improvements

The most important change to come from Monday's City Council meeting might be the reworking of the city bus routes to serve more of the city for more hours of the day.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Facts about crime don't match mayor's request for more police

When compared to the other four Missouri cities with more than 100,000 residents, it turns out that Columbia's crime rate last year was below St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield and tied with Independence.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Medicaid panels not likely to bring results

During public hearings, physicians, patients insured and uninsured, hospital managers, disability advocates and at least one preacher variously pleaded, reasoned or argued that expanded Medicaid coverage would yield great benefits at reasonable cost.

GEORGE KENNEDY: About the next MU chancellor — an outsider isn't always better

The previous outsiders holding the job did not leave much of a legacy when they departed.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Environmental disasters, decisions come closer to home

New report paints a dire picture of the state of the environment, so what should City Council's move be on natural gas vehicles?

GEORGE KENNEDY: Country respects right to engage in government, or not

Even in a community with a citizenry that’s often engaged, most people are too caught up in trying to make a living to spend much time or energy on something as abstract as a master plan.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Columbia has plenty of problems, but not a crime crisis

City officials have a variety of solutions for a perceived violence problem, but they might be overreacting. News coverage, especially on television, can make a crime ripple seem like a wave.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Eliot Battle, Roger Mitchell, Brady Deaton: Three men whose work speaks for itself

It’s the ability to find joy in roles that most of us would find burdensome that makes these three men so memorable.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Exercises in democracy, some better than others

Monday's City Council meeting showed elected officials at their best. The next day, a Columbia lawmaker couldn't find much to praise about the General Assembly's recent session.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Columbia airport can handle traffic without adding more debt

With only three flights each day, the Columbia Regional Airport is capable of accommodating its passengers without the addition of a multimillion-dollar terminal.

GEORGE KENNEDY: The Missouri legislature should be ashamed of itself

The combination of opportunities missed, problems not addressed and unconstitutional pandering made this legislative session one of the worst in recent memory.

GEORGE KENNEDY: 'Columbia Imagined' plan needs to involve an engaged public

The plan "Columbia Imagined" is intended to guide the city's growth for the next 20 years. For the plan to be successful, ordinances must be adopted, zoning and land issues must be revised and an engaged citizenry must remain vigilant.