George Kennedy

GEORGE KENNEDY: What the candidates aren't talking about — climate change

Climate change is an important issue, but it's not one that concerns much of the public — and both presidential candidates have been mostly silent about it, George Kennedy writes.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Columbia's EEZ proposal continues to evolve sensibly

Recent meetings about a new proposal for the city's Enhanced Enterprise Zone, despite some complaints, displayed a willingness from officials to listen and use reason to form their decisions.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Proposed tobacco tax increase offers chance to improve Missouri

In Missouri, where public schools are strapped for cash, Proposition B, the tobacco tax increase, offers a realistic way to generate needed funds, prevent teenagers from developing smoking addictions and more.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Kurt Schaefer, Mary Still share common ground

At Tuesday evening's state Senate debate between Mary Still and Kurt Schaefer, Still attacked the incumbent over the stances of Republican legislators, many of which Schaefer doesn't support.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Missouri might be different – for the worse

Gov. Jay Nixon is pointing at Missouri as a unique beacon of bipartisanship in his re-election campaign, but some of the state's exceptionalism isn't necessarily a good thing.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Constitution Day should not be forgotten

In light of the recent anniversary of the signing of the Constitution, it's worth examining the role money and cynicism plays in our democracy today.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Obama victory seems more likely after national conventions

After a successful Democratic National Convention, President Barack Obama's election prospects are a little brighter — but not in Missouri.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Journalists' credibility on the decline, but why?

A recent poll saw a decline in the public's trust in many journalistic organizations. There are many reasons for this, one of which is a bias inherent to the work of a journalist.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Handling of UM Press proves learning experience for new president

Since announcing in May that the press would be phased out, UM System President Tim Wolfe's administration has almost completely reversed its initial decision.

GEORGE KENNEDY: St. Joseph Street symbolizes costs of change

St. Joseph Street is one long block just north of downtown Columbia, an old street with a few homes dating from the 1800s and plenty of big trees. The street may see changes soon because of a Boone County Family Resources plan to build housing there.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Paul Ryan a surprising, outspoken choice for Romney

The biggest political surprise this year was Mitt Romney choosing Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. Ryan's strong conservative views appeal to the right wing and appall the left.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Some election results prove difficult to decipher

One puzzlement is how the same Republicans who so strongly supported the Prayer Amendment also re-nominated Peter Kinder for lieutenant governor.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Numbers reflect transition to corporate university

Corporations seek to maximize their number of customers while holding down costs and commitments to their employees. Based on the numbers, that's just what MU is doing.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Press decision follows national trend of corporatization of universities

Although it makes indisputable fiscal sense to close the University of Missouri Press, says Kennedy, it doesn't mean people have to be happy about it.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Nearly 150 years later, its time to honor an important part of American history

Thirty-one veterans from 12 regiments of the Union Army are buried in Columbia Cemetery. Of those, 11 served with the 62nd Regiment, United States Colored Infantry.  It's time we honored their contribution.


GEORGE KENNEDY: Council, mayor are listening to EEZ concerns

Monday's 7-0 decision creating a new enhanced enterprise zone board shows that our elected representatives are listening to critics of the program. The unanimity does not, however, suggest the debate is going away.

GEORGE KENNEDY: New vision for Columbia's future, but whose vision?

City planners and consultants have presented new imaginings for Columbia, but are citizens getting what they want?

GEORGE KENNEDY: What if the two sides worked together on EEZ?

The blight decree controversy has brought consternation to both sides, but it could result in uniting the poor with the powerful to better Columbia.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Westwood tree issue classic Columbia story

The activism exhibited in the situation involving the removal of gum drop trees along Westwood Avenue shows a need for a strongly preservationist tree policy in Columbia.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Public servants must figure out what is right about 'blight'

Columbia's public servants are not villains, but they must work to figure out what is best for the city and its citizens concerning blight and enhanced enterprise zones.