George Kennedy

GEORGE KENNEDY: General Assembly running itself into the ground

The Missouri legislature's support of lessening the tax burden on wealthy Missourians is a travesty that affects the rest of the population and cuts services such as education funding. 

GEORGE KENNEDY: It's hard to find optimism when politicians make poor choices

Republicans' refusal to cooperate with proposed bills is creating a standstill in Jefferson City.

GEORGE KENNEDY: MU's budget forecast is grim with a good chance of grimmer

The report from the budget people at MU isn't pretty: a forecast $16.3 million shortfall and fewer high school graduates to recruit. Help from the General Assembly? Surely you jest.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Food Bank helps feed Missourians young and old

Last year, the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri gave away 27,401,323 pounds of food. That’s the equivalent of a little more than 21 million meals.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Election of Nauser creates Chamber-supported majority

Until the April election, the City Council will have a Chamber-supported majority. That could mean that downtown demolition and the Grasslands entanglement will be handled differently soon.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Adopt cautious optimism after Nixon's State of the State

While House Speaker Tim Jones set the majority against nearly everything Gov. Nixon supported, there is reason to find optimism — but tread with caution.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Council still needs to address big questions of city's growth

How do we want our city to grow – up or out? What’s the proper balance between preservation and development?

GEORGE KENNEDY: We must work to limit damage of gun culture

Like many of you, I suspect, I’m skeptical that we can end this plague of gun violence. We can, however, and we must take the steps most likely to limit the damage.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Municipal elections will show how enraged citizens are

The mixed field of candidates for Columbia mayor and City Council should draw out community's true feelings about contentious issues, but it could also split the vote with the candidate with the least appeal winning the prize.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Don't expect much to change in Missouri legislature

The struggle to come in the city of Jefferson is already taking shape.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Lives lost are price of our continuing gun culture

The experts generally seem to agree on a few steps that would make a difference, but they’re also in agreement that rampages such as the ones at Sandy Hook Elementary, Columbine or Virginia Tech probably can’t be prevented altogether.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Engaged citizens were key to EEZ defeat

The dispute over an Enhanced Enterprise Zone in Columbia represented a larger ongoing battle between citizens resentful at being pushed around and those who they see as doing the pushing.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Columbia no longer a renewable energy leader

When voters approved a renewable energy standard in 2004, Columbia was on the forefront of that issue. One activist is hoping to return the city to that pioneering position.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Social media is not a substitute for real journalism

The story of Michael Dixon provides a glimpse of the role the new social media platforms play in journalism and in public discourse, raising difficult questions for consumers and practitioners of journalism.

GEORGE KENNEDY: One election over in time to move to the next

With the general election finished, it's time to shift our attention to the upcoming Columbia City Council elections.

GEORGE KENNEDY: MU lags behind in research university peer group

MU's enrollment is up this year, but at a meeting of university faculty, budget officer Tim Rooney was quick to temper the optimism, pointing out ways the school is behind its peers in the Association of American Universities.

GEORGE KENNEDY: What the candidates aren't talking about — climate change

Climate change is an important issue, but it's not one that concerns much of the public — and both presidential candidates have been mostly silent about it, George Kennedy writes.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Columbia's EEZ proposal continues to evolve sensibly

Recent meetings about a new proposal for the city's Enhanced Enterprise Zone, despite some complaints, displayed a willingness from officials to listen and use reason to form their decisions.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Proposed tobacco tax increase offers chance to improve Missouri

In Missouri, where public schools are strapped for cash, Proposition B, the tobacco tax increase, offers a realistic way to generate needed funds, prevent teenagers from developing smoking addictions and more.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Kurt Schaefer, Mary Still share common ground

At Tuesday evening's state Senate debate between Mary Still and Kurt Schaefer, Still attacked the incumbent over the stances of Republican legislators, many of which Schaefer doesn't support.