George Kennedy

GEORGE KENNEDY: Tough choices for Missouri Republican caucus

Many Republican caucus-goers could have a tough time deciding whom to cast their vote for in two weeks due to the flawed and crowded pack of candidates vying for delegates.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Many questions still surround enhanced enterprise zones

Enhanced enterprise zones must include the census blocks that are lowest in income and highest in unemployment. Whether they’ll benefit is just one of many questions.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Blight designation raises concern

The dominant mood among citizens about the Enhanced Enterprise Zone is suspicion with an undertone of anger and broadly shared confusion.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Columbia community development plan under way

Columbia Imagined is a comprehensive plan "with goals, objectives and policies, maps and graphics that provide a common reference for citizens and decision makers on the desired future growth and development of the city."

GEORGE KENNEDY: GOP preventing Rep. Mary Still's tobacco tax, other proposals

Rep. Mary Still fights Republicans as she works to increase the state cigarette tax in an effort to compensate for education cuts, initiating Internet sales tax and limiting interest rates on paydayloans.

GEORGE KENNEDY: GOP candidates' positions on issues more important than horse race

Missouri citizens will place their vote for the Republican presidential candidate Tuesday during the primary election. The media should do a better job documenting each candidate's positions.

GEORGE KENNEDY: MU's budget nothing but bleak

MU's budget director previewed the university's budget to about 20 faculty members last week. While the university means a great deal to Columbia, its current budget presents a grim outlook.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Closing the gap between rhetoric and reality will be a challenge

When considering the state budget, the only thing the governor and legislators agree on is their inability to compromise.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Sales background is good foundation for UM presidency

Grumbles can already be heard from people who oppose Timothy Wolfe's lack of experience in education. But the role of president is no longer about academics; it's about money.

GEORGE KENNEDY: 10 standards that inform serious coverage of news

"The Elements of Journalism" establishes 10 key principles for the practice of journalism.  Both journalists and their readers should be aware of these principles. 

GEORGE KENNEDY: Let's turn the spotlight on well-intentioned bad ideas

The City Council works to promote the best interests of Columbia, but sometimes its policy ideas do the opposite.

GEORGE KENNEDY: In Regency matter, winners had more money, louder voices

The council's 5-2 decision to rezone the Regency mobile home park for student housing caused an outcry among park residents and advocates, many of whom referred to the rezoning as a lesson in money politics.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Good news about the SEC wrapped in grim news about funding

State funding is at the same level as it was in 1999, and an increase in funding for the next fiscal year doesn't seem likely. 

GEORGE KENNEDY: Move to SEC comes with serious considerations — culturally and financially

Maybe we shouldn't be so sure about this alliance with the SEC, where athletics are about money — big money. And we should probably prepare for that attitude to dig in here, too.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Columbia Regency mobile home park residents in tough spot

The recent announcement of the closure of Columbia Regency mobile home park has put residents in a sticky situation.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Electorate of 150 will decide if the rest of us pay a new sales tax

Only a handful of Columbia voters will have the opportunity to vote on a sales tax that will affect anyone that shops or dines downtown. 

GEORGE KENNEDY: Hard lessons learned in protracted struggle over reapportionment

If any lesson can come from the Great Ward Realignment Struggle, it is the significance of participatory democracy, and it would be best not to do it again for a decade.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Trial E is the option that makes the most sense in ward reapportionment, Mr. Mayor

Trial E was the only map to win majority support on the citizens' committee. It shifts people into the undersized Ward 1 from the over-populated Ward 2.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Occupy movement might fill gap in public conversation

Columbia's Occupy COMO protest might not create a wave in America's politics, but the national movement might show a response from the left that has been missing from the public conversation.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Food Bank wages war on hunger, but the enemy is growing

The number of hungry residents in Central and Northeast Missouri is growing every year. The Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri is working to decrease that number, but its operation needs to expand.