George Kennedy

GEORGE KENNEDY: In Regency matter, winners had more money, louder voices

The council's 5-2 decision to rezone the Regency mobile home park for student housing caused an outcry among park residents and advocates, many of whom referred to the rezoning as a lesson in money politics.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Good news about the SEC wrapped in grim news about funding

State funding is at the same level as it was in 1999, and an increase in funding for the next fiscal year doesn't seem likely. 

GEORGE KENNEDY: Move to SEC comes with serious considerations — culturally and financially

Maybe we shouldn't be so sure about this alliance with the SEC, where athletics are about money — big money. And we should probably prepare for that attitude to dig in here, too.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Columbia Regency mobile home park residents in tough spot

The recent announcement of the closure of Columbia Regency mobile home park has put residents in a sticky situation.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Electorate of 150 will decide if the rest of us pay a new sales tax

Only a handful of Columbia voters will have the opportunity to vote on a sales tax that will affect anyone that shops or dines downtown. 

GEORGE KENNEDY: Hard lessons learned in protracted struggle over reapportionment

If any lesson can come from the Great Ward Realignment Struggle, it is the significance of participatory democracy, and it would be best not to do it again for a decade.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Trial E is the option that makes the most sense in ward reapportionment, Mr. Mayor

Trial E was the only map to win majority support on the citizens' committee. It shifts people into the undersized Ward 1 from the over-populated Ward 2.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Occupy movement might fill gap in public conversation

Columbia's Occupy COMO protest might not create a wave in America's politics, but the national movement might show a response from the left that has been missing from the public conversation.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Food Bank wages war on hunger, but the enemy is growing

The number of hungry residents in Central and Northeast Missouri is growing every year. The Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri is working to decrease that number, but its operation needs to expand.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Thoughts from a fan watching the turmoil upending the Big 12

Ardent Tiger fans shouldn't care about the Big 12 Conference troubles — because the Big 12 certainly doesn't care about them.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Proposed voter ID amendment is a most perplexing notion

We’ll be voting on a set of changes that purport to address a nonexistent problem while leaving real weaknesses untouched. We’ll make it harder to vote for people who already are less likely to do so. All that at a cost of millions we don’t have.

GEORGE KENNEDY: First Ward remains hurdle in reapportionment debate

The First Ward — the ward at the center of the city — remains at the center of the ward reapportionment discussion.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Citizens Police Review Board reaffirms independent stance

Columbia's Citizens Police Review Board deserves applause for maintaining its independence in the face of proposed changes.

GEORGE KENNEDY: A ward reapportionment plan emerges that might suffice

The committee is on the right path to successful reapportionment, but voting procedures may prove to be the most difficult hurdle to overcome.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Seeing Barack Obama as a pure-blooded pragmatist

President Obama is misunderstood by those on the political left and right. But Harvard Prof. James T. Kloppenberg knows better than most how the president thinks.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Fragile evidence is keeping Ryan Ferguson in prison

Lack of evidence such as fingerprints, DNA, or murder weapon is keeping Ryan Ferguson behind bars.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Race, class and politics in First Ward reapportionment

There’s nothing pure or simple about the process that will result, eventually, in new boundaries for at least some of the city’s six council wards.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Columbia has hit the awkward stage of its growth

Our town is getting more interesting as it ages, but its infrastructure and transportation systems are caught between those of a small village and a grown-up city.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Gov. Jay Nixon could stand to act like more of a Democrat

With three important Republican-backed bills in front of him, Gov. Nixon's decisions could further separate him from his party members. 

GEORGE KENNEDY: Dudley trying to calm conflict between bicyclists, birders

One of the few certainties in the conflict over Scott's Branch Trail is that the city has the right to put pedestrian and bike trails in the Audubon Society Nature Sanctuary.