George Kennedy

GEORGE KENNEDY: A ward reapportionment plan emerges that might suffice

The committee is on the right path to successful reapportionment, but voting procedures may prove to be the most difficult hurdle to overcome.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Seeing Barack Obama as a pure-blooded pragmatist

President Obama is misunderstood by those on the political left and right. But Harvard Prof. James T. Kloppenberg knows better than most how the president thinks.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Fragile evidence is keeping Ryan Ferguson in prison

Lack of evidence such as fingerprints, DNA, or murder weapon is keeping Ryan Ferguson behind bars.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Race, class and politics in First Ward reapportionment

There’s nothing pure or simple about the process that will result, eventually, in new boundaries for at least some of the city’s six council wards.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Columbia has hit the awkward stage of its growth

Our town is getting more interesting as it ages, but its infrastructure and transportation systems are caught between those of a small village and a grown-up city.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Gov. Jay Nixon could stand to act like more of a Democrat

With three important Republican-backed bills in front of him, Gov. Nixon's decisions could further separate him from his party members. 

GEORGE KENNEDY: Dudley trying to calm conflict between bicyclists, birders

One of the few certainties in the conflict over Scott's Branch Trail is that the city has the right to put pedestrian and bike trails in the Audubon Society Nature Sanctuary.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Missouri athletes tops in academics

MU's athletes are leading the race among the NCAA-member institutions in academic achievement, a measure of athletic success that is often under celebrated.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Gridlock, largely inactive governor kept bad legislation from passing

We can thank gridlocks within the General Assembly for keeping harmful laws off the books.

GEORGE KENNEDY: School Board needs to start selling the public on tax increase

The School Board is heading in the direction of asking for a 60-cent incease in the operating levy next April. The job of convincing the public that this incease is necessary — and it is — begins now.

GEORGE KENNEDY: How good our schools are depends on how much we want to fund them

Funding is crucial to a quality public school system. Declining revenues must be met with other sources of income.

GEORGE KENNEDY: At long last, a hopeful ending to the James Scott travesty

The celebration of James T. Scott's life, the victim of Columbia's last lynching, united community members Saturday, shining some light on a dark patch of history.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Pension picture not bleak, but change likely on the horizon

If you like to move, you'll also enjoy potential changes to public employee pensions, which could also provide better payoffs than the current system.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Legislature shuns real problems in favor of ideology

The dominant Republicans of the Missouri State Senate foster an ideological agenda that is often ignorant toward the will of the people.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Obama's economic plan makes more sense than Rep. Paul Ryan's

Obama intends to reduce the rate of health care costs, add to defense savings and end tax cuts to the exorbitantly rich, a plan that does not attack the poor in order to serve the elite like Rep. Paul Ryan's plan.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Does union activism put the democratic process at risk?

With the ward council campaigns over, an important question remains unanswered: What is the proper role in politics of public employee unions?

GEORGE KENNEDY: If you're not up on the issues, please don't bother to vote

Tuesday's primary features several tough decisions for City Council and School Board candidates. Take time to learn about the candidates before making a choice.

GEORGE KENNEDY: New city manager best candidate of strong field

New city manager brings heightened awareness of reducing Columbia's environmental impact. A year from now we will be able to judge his progress.

GEORGE KENNEDY: an important ray of sunshine for our state organizes public records, finally providing a great tool that should have been available years ago from politicians themselves.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Differences emerge between candidates vying for school board, Fifth Ward

The race for Fifth Ward representative on the City Council is heating up as the candidates and their supporters start politicking and mudslinging.