George Kennedy

GEORGE KENNEDY: If you're not up on the issues, please don't bother to vote

Tuesday's primary features several tough decisions for City Council and School Board candidates. Take time to learn about the candidates before making a choice.

GEORGE KENNEDY: New city manager best candidate of strong field

New city manager brings heightened awareness of reducing Columbia's environmental impact. A year from now we will be able to judge his progress.

GEORGE KENNEDY: an important ray of sunshine for our state organizes public records, finally providing a great tool that should have been available years ago from politicians themselves.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Differences emerge between candidates vying for school board, Fifth Ward

The race for Fifth Ward representative on the City Council is heating up as the candidates and their supporters start politicking and mudslinging.

GEORGE KENNEDY: First Ward council candidates more impressive than new garage

A new City Council candidate could have a greater impact on improving the First Ward than a new massive $14 million parking garage.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Here's hoping the third TIF is a charm

The Columbia City Council only occasionally approves tax-increment financing, but when it does, the financing tends to stray from its intended path.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Racism on campus tops list of outrageous news items

Alcohol, as much as racism, might be to blame for stupid behavior at MU. But what's the General Assembly's excuse?

GEORGE KENNEDY: Nixon's State of the State speech short on substance

His hands tied by the economy and the Republican legislature, the governor accurately reflected his underwhelming tenure with an underwhelming address.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Calling Kit Bond — your favorite university needs a new leader

The recently retired U.S. senator would be an excellent choice to become the new president of the University of Missouri System.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Hinkson Creek dispute shows need for greater attention to democratic process

The city manager and the mayor did not act in bad faith regarding the city's position on the Hinkson, but a debate by the council before they acted is the way democracy should work.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Are developers only ones to benefit from eastward expansion?

The developer who bought the land associated with the Richland Road annexation has gone broke, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill for improvements and the land up for grabs.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Obama making the most of current situation

Die-hard Democrats should take a look at some post-election realities.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Expect conservatives to push for consumption tax, repeal of Prop B

Republicans are already looking to reverse legislation passed in last month's election.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Fox News and MSNBC present news with an ideological twist

Juan Williams and Keith Olbermann were both reprimanded for expressing their political views.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Some real facts about health care reform

A Tuesday talk at the League of Women Voters cleared up  some misconceptions  about  health care reform and made clear that it is still very much a work in progress.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Election results were no surprise

With a few exceptions, both state and local election results were as predicted.  

GEORGE KENNEDY: An opinionated voter's guide for Tuesday

You can tell a lot about any issue by looking at who's against it. The opponents of Proposition B are as  much of a reason to vote in favor of the controversial measure as anything.

GEORGE KENNEDY: If history is any indication, Democrats are in real trouble

Democratic candidates distancing themselves from Obama may be in trouble for Nov. 2 election.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Rex Sinquefield doesn't know what's best for the majority

If passed, Rex Sinquefield's Proposition A would change how St. Louis and Kansas City's budgets are funded and wouldn't allow other cities to vote on whether to impose the same tax laws in the future.


GEORGE KENNEDY: No easy answers to zoning dispute at West and Broadway

Zoning disputes, like this one, may become more common if the city gets denser rather than expands outward.