George Kennedy

GEORGE KENNEDY: Hinkson Creek dispute shows need for greater attention to democratic process

The city manager and the mayor did not act in bad faith regarding the city's position on the Hinkson, but a debate by the council before they acted is the way democracy should work.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Are developers only ones to benefit from eastward expansion?

The developer who bought the land associated with the Richland Road annexation has gone broke, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill for improvements and the land up for grabs.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Obama making the most of current situation

Die-hard Democrats should take a look at some post-election realities.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Expect conservatives to push for consumption tax, repeal of Prop B

Republicans are already looking to reverse legislation passed in last month's election.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Fox News and MSNBC present news with an ideological twist

Juan Williams and Keith Olbermann were both reprimanded for expressing their political views.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Some real facts about health care reform

A Tuesday talk at the League of Women Voters cleared up  some misconceptions  about  health care reform and made clear that it is still very much a work in progress.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Election results were no surprise

With a few exceptions, both state and local election results were as predicted.  

GEORGE KENNEDY: An opinionated voter's guide for Tuesday

You can tell a lot about any issue by looking at who's against it. The opponents of Proposition B are as  much of a reason to vote in favor of the controversial measure as anything.

GEORGE KENNEDY: If history is any indication, Democrats are in real trouble

Democratic candidates distancing themselves from Obama may be in trouble for Nov. 2 election.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Rex Sinquefield doesn't know what's best for the majority

If passed, Rex Sinquefield's Proposition A would change how St. Louis and Kansas City's budgets are funded and wouldn't allow other cities to vote on whether to impose the same tax laws in the future.


GEORGE KENNEDY: No easy answers to zoning dispute at West and Broadway

Zoning disputes, like this one, may become more common if the city gets denser rather than expands outward.

GEORGE KENNEDY: President Forsee should be bold with tuition hike, cautious with pension changes

A "world class" education has to come with a price tag.

GEORGE KENNEDY: It's a tough job, but the president has already accomplished a great deal

Many successes are being lost in media coverage of criticism.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Constitutional debate alive and well when it comes to corporations' role in elections

As the Constitution celebrates is 223rd birthday, the League of Women Voters held a discussion of a recent Supreme Court case.


GEORGE KENNEDY: It's been nine years since our last day of peace

On Sept. 10, 2001, life was normal, and terrorism seemed to be the last thing on everyone's mind.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Budget 'bloat' not quite what has been reported

A closer look at the city budget reveals a spendable surplus more than 20 times less than reported in the Columbia Heart Beat.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Times are tough for Carnahan, higher education

Robin Carnahan should remember Harry Truman's advice as she campaigns for U.S. Senate.

COLUMN: Social Security is in better shape than you may think

Worries about Social Security running out can be put to rest by doing a little research. Worrying about cutting benefits to the program should be what Americans lose sleep over.

COLUMN: An unbalanced state budget is what Missouri needs to grow

A balanced budget sounds like a good idea but for the dark times ahead packed in the "anti-stimulus" cloud rolling toward Columbia, we should spend smart now, even if it means deeper deficit. 

COLUMN: Launch of Citizens Police Review Board off to rocky start

Wednesday night's meeting dealt largely with whether the complaint filed by a California activist should be heard, since the complainant has no known connection to Columbia.