George Kennedy

GEORGE KENNEDY: It's a tough job, but the president has already accomplished a great deal

Many successes are being lost in media coverage of criticism.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Constitutional debate alive and well when it comes to corporations' role in elections

As the Constitution celebrates is 223rd birthday, the League of Women Voters held a discussion of a recent Supreme Court case.


GEORGE KENNEDY: It's been nine years since our last day of peace

On Sept. 10, 2001, life was normal, and terrorism seemed to be the last thing on everyone's mind.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Budget 'bloat' not quite what has been reported

A closer look at the city budget reveals a spendable surplus more than 20 times less than reported in the Columbia Heart Beat.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Times are tough for Carnahan, higher education

Robin Carnahan should remember Harry Truman's advice as she campaigns for U.S. Senate.

COLUMN: Social Security is in better shape than you may think

Worries about Social Security running out can be put to rest by doing a little research. Worrying about cutting benefits to the program should be what Americans lose sleep over.

COLUMN: An unbalanced state budget is what Missouri needs to grow

A balanced budget sounds like a good idea but for the dark times ahead packed in the "anti-stimulus" cloud rolling toward Columbia, we should spend smart now, even if it means deeper deficit. 

COLUMN: Launch of Citizens Police Review Board off to rocky start

Wednesday night's meeting dealt largely with whether the complaint filed by a California activist should be heard, since the complainant has no known connection to Columbia.

COLUMN: Missouri Theatre in need of divine intervention

The Missouri Theatre has accrued at least $2.5 million in debt. One solution to this fiscal problem is a cooperation between the theatre and MU, but that seems unlikely.

COLUMN: Can we put an end to corporate socialism already?

Recent events with Ford, IBM and financial regulation have one common theme — passing the expense to you and me.

COLUMN: Urban planning takes more than vision casting

The downtown charrette meetings include some big ideas, but what's missing from the discussion is when and how we'll see these big ideas reach fruition.

COLUMN: Missouri gets short end of the horn in Big 12 deal

We may never know whether our leaders were misled by winks and whispers or by wishful thinking.

COLUMN: McCaskill not afraid to go against the current

While Sen. Claire McCaskill has shown she's willing to speak her mind and go against her own party at times, Gov. Jay Nixon would rather cut services and fill prisons than dare suggest any type of tax increase.

COLUMN: Anti-Taser group's petition drive helps make Columbia great

Whether or not you agree with the group's push to eliminate Tasers, you have to appreciate the efforts put forth by the People for a Taser-Free Columbia.

COLUMN: IBM 'public hearing' mix of mutual congratulation, unanswered questions

At Monday's City Council meeting about the IBM deal, issues including where exactly IBM's new hires will come from — the Columbia area or elsewhere — were addressed, but answers just brought more questions.

COLUMN: IBM deal includes protections for Columbia residents

Economic incentive deals have a tendency to be good for business and bad for communities, but the IBM deal really is a win-win for all involved.

COLUMN: A failed year in Jefferson City

The General Assembly was not productive in addressing ethics reform or the budget crisis.

COLUMN: New council members demonstrate different styles

Columbia's new City Council met for the first time Monday bringing new life into how the council meetings are run.

COLUMN: All residents benefit in West Broadway plans

After a meeting last week, it appears that the debate over the plans for West Broadway between Garth Avenue and West Boulevard is over. The new plan will make the road more efficient and attractive.

COLUMN: Changes to come after recent elections

The winning theme for the victorious such as Bob McDavid, Daryl Dudley and Gary Kespohl was the same idea that Barack Obama won with: change.