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GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Journalists discuss press freedom on World Press Freedom Day 2012

The Global Journalist celebrated World Press Freedom Day on May 3 by speaking with journalists on free press conditions worldwide.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Bin Laden's death leads to hectic media coverage

Journalists from around the country and around the world were racing to try to report the emerging details of Osama bin Laden's death.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Challenges ahead for Ivory Coast's new leadership

Winning the heart of the people and protecting personnel in the media will be a challenge for Ivory Coast's new president.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Separating propaganda from the press

This week, Global Journalist highlights press freedom issues from countries including Syria, Venezuela and Italy.

Global Journalist: Disaster reporting poses many journalistic challenges

Journalists often bear witness to a variety of traumas following natural and national disasters. This type of reporting can take a mental and physical toll on the reporters who cover these events.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: The economics of global oil problems

Though some may blame political unrest for climbing oil prices, other economic forces are also at play.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Africa's newest nation - South Sudan

This week's guests discussed the journey ahead for the world's newest nation and the issue of press freedom in the region.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Women face challenges, showcase strengths in reporting

Marking the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, Global Journalist went live and brought in female journalists from around the world to discuss their experiences in reporting.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Documentary filmmaking blends art with nonfiction

The founder of the True/False Film Festival and two documentary directors share their behind-the-lens views.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Perspectives of indigenous journalists

Journalists from indigenous populations can offer unique points of view, but they also can face challenges when issues arise between governments and these populations.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Kosovo celebrates independence amidst prime minister crime allegations

The Republic of Kosovo reaches its third birthday, but problems still exist — such as gaining entrance into the European Union.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Hungary faces free-press criticism

As the Hungarian prime minister became president of the EU Council, Viktor Orban received criticism regarding Hugary's regulation of press freedom.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Determining the impact of Egypt's turmoil

Problems in Egypt could affect the Middle East, a region already accustomed to social and political problems.

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GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Are we approaching economic disaster?

Journalists from Paris, London, Ireland and Greece discuss the tense atmosphere in struggling European nations and the steps that both the Eurozone and the U.S. must take to revitalize their economies.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: How can Afghanistan stabilize?

Journalists from around the world discuss the future of Afghanistan, which faces both a seemingly resurgent Taliban amid corruption, violence and a planned U.S. military pullout.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: The impact of WikiLeaks is difficult to measure

With the recent publication of numerous U.S. diplomatic documents by WikiLeaks, sources for journalists could become warier of sharing information.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Assessing Obama's globetrotting

Journalists discuss the implications for international politics of President Obama's recent trip to Asia.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Privacy in the age of online social networking

What's at stake in the debate about online privacy? What regulatory agencies are involved, what options are they considering, and is there a gulf between the U.S. and the European Union in notions of privacy?

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Elections always fascinating, sometimes free and fair

It is election season, not just in the United States but in many countries around the world from Brazil to Egypt. What common themes continue to emerge? What challenges do countries face as they elect leaders to represent them?