J. Karl Miller

J. KARL MILLER: Reaction to rodeo clown performance blew incident out of proportion

The resurgence of assigning racial overtones to any incident involving people of color — whether by misunderstanding or with malice aforethought — is tragic.

J. KARL MILLER: Cooler heads prevailed in Zimmerman case, but not everyone was calm

Although most of the population consists of level-headed people, there will always be those who are ignorant and racist.

J. KARL MILLER: Immigration reform is necessary, and overdue

If immigration reform is to succeed, there will have to be compromises made from both sides of the aisle.

J. KARL MILLER: Racism will linger as long as it serves a political agenda or profit motive

Racism is kept on life support by those who use it for a political agenda, gouge out economic benefits or inflame social conscience.

J. KARL MILLER: How the shadow of Big Brother looms over Washington

The disclosure of data mining has aroused condemnation at both ends of the political spectrum. The far right and the far left alike have criticized this as an invasion of privacy. Either way, though, it's time for the Obama administration to be more transparent.

J. KARL MILLER: Why can't boys simply be allowed to be boys?

Boys are less likely to be organizing their own sports games and building clubhouses now. But some of their actions are now at the forefront of legal cases, actions that would often go unnoticed a couple generations ago.

J. KARL MILLER: What happened to freedom of religion?

The controversy surrounding prayer and religious symbolism in public places is not a constitutional issue — it's a matter of common sense.

J. KARL MILLER: A face of Memorial Day - a tribute to Capt. Ralph C. Dobbs

As a 20-year old graduate of MU with a bachelor of science in agriculture in 1942, Ralph Dobbs answered his country's call to arms and enlisted in the Marine Corps in September of that year. He is currently the head of the Columbia Honor Flight and can almost always be seen greeting the returning flights in his uniform.

J. KARL MILLER: Phantom roadblocks to acquiring a photo voter ID

The idea that voter ID laws lead to voter suppression is a political charade and grossly exaggerated.

J. KARL MILLER: Don't meddle with the Uniform Code of Military Justice

The Uniform Code of Military Justice, signed into law by President Harry Truman in 1950, has served the armed forces well for more than 60 years.

J. KARL MILLER: Throwing stones in a glass-walled political arena

Democrats are out of line for calling Republicans racist and homophobic for opposing certain legislation.

J. KARL MILLER: Earth Day, a fad or necessary?

Earth Day has evolved into little more than a “feel good” exercise in pop environmentalism, embraced largely by those with negligible scientific or agricultural experience.

J. KARL MILLER: A tribute to a legend and role model, Stan Musial

Former Cardinal player Stan Musial might have been one of the best people to play baseball, due in no small part to his unwavering integrity.

J. KARL MILLER: A reasonable, common sense approach to gun safety?

Contrary to the ranting of many in the anti-gun crowd, weapons that fire fully automatic or in bursts have been banned for decades, and none of the rifles used in either the Virginia Tech, Columbine or Newtown shootings were weapons used by the military.

J. KARL MILLER: Timing and the art of public deception

Changing one's opinion is fine, but if it's only to compromise values in favor of political expedience it is contemptible.

J. KARL MILLER: TSA has applied common sense

The Transportation Security Administration's decision to relax some of its rules on airport screenings is a breath of fresh air.

J. KARL MILLER: Is it finally time to bury the Republican Party?

If the Republican Party does not mobilize itself to act as one party, the GOP will once again allow a Democrat to be elected president in 2016.

J. KARL MILLER: Is Congress really to blame?

Contacting your elected representative or senator about your concerns is more effective than complaining and waiting for someone else to take action.

J. KARL MILLER: The sequester — cause for panic or an orchestrated hoax?

The sequester was, and remains, a bad idea, conceived in haste and doomed to failure from day one,as neither side would budge one iota.

J. KARL MILLER: Only so much of Hagel's behavior can be explained away

Hagel's misstatements and unpreparedness should raise more concerns than senators have voiced.