J. Karl Miller

J. KARL MILLER: Hiring should be based on merit, not controversy

People opposing the hiring of Larry James are basing their dissent upon a wide range of accusations, largely unsupported by evidence and summarily dismissed by proper authority.

J. KARL MILLER: Armed forces could be negatively affected by women in combat

Gender equality cannot and should not be applied to the military — the idea is an irrational dream.

J. KARL MILLER: Things we can do without in 2013

The columnist's pet peeves include ads from ambulance-chasing attorneys, TV commercials promising relief from debt, strident global-warming declarations and the behavior of bicyclists who believe they are exempt from traffic lights.

J. KARL MILLER: Take time out from agitation

We should enjoy and appreciate the rest of 2012 rather than "dwell morosely on dashed election hopes."


J. KARL MILLER: The president should offer meaningful compromise on 2013 budget

The president's position, even defined as an initial offer on the table, cannot be considered a serious proposal by any reasonable standards.

J. KARL MILLER: Military leaders must not forget leadership principles

That these indiscretions involving moral turpitude of military commanders are no longer isolated events raises my ire above the boiling point.

J. KARL MILLER: GOP must overcome its internal rifts

This is not a time to complain nor to seek a scapegoat  — instead, it is time to move on and make it work.

J. KARL MILLER: The sky is not falling

The hype around "Superstorm" Sandy is digging up climate change claims once again.

J. KARL MILLER: A tale of two liberals on national defense

National defense is indeed costly, but it serves as our insurance policy for freedom.

J. KARL MILLER: In elections, actions speak louder than words

Both President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney have traded charges that the other has not provided a plan for the future. However, the president's four-year, less-than-successful record augurs little optimism for the future.

J. KARL MILLER: Proposition B violates individual rights

Proposition B, the proposed 760 percent increase in cigarette tax, is an example of James Madison's  "Tyranny of the Majority," with a so-called well-meaning majority ganging up on Missouri's smoking population.

J. KARL MILLER: Teachers, presidential candidates fight their separate battles

Conflict has filled the recent headlines: Chicago teachers, NFL referees and presidential candidates have all sparked partisan debates.

J. KARL MILLER: Democrats bring great speakers to convention but not new ideas

Former President Bill Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama were the highlights of the convention.

J. KARL MILLER: Romney, Ryan and Republican National Convention are highlights for GOP

There is a choice on the November ballot — what is past is past. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan bring values of faith, family and choice to America.

J. KARL MILLER: What does Paul Ryan add to the GOP ticket?

Paul Ryan could inject youth, vigor and budgetary expertise into the Romney campaign.

J. KARL MILLER: First day of school represents both change and lasting ideals

The first day of school embodies many of the changes that have taken place in education since the 1940s, but core values from the past remain relevant to academic success today.

J. KARL MILLER: McCaskill vs. Akin for U.S. Senate — an intriguing contest

Missouri's contest for U.S. Senate is expected to exemplify the political leanings of the country. Does Claire McCaskill or Todd Akin hold the edge in the upcoming election?

J. KARL MILLER: The Olympic Games, a quadrennial celebration for good

The Games of the Olympiad are not perfect, but they trump any other international cooperation effort.

J. KARL MILLER: Tolerance is a two-way street

Recent comments by Chick-Fil-A President Dan Cathy have prompted public protest and threats to deny permits to open new restaurants, and J. Karl Miller contends that freedom of speech is being lost in the outrage.

J. KARL MILLER: Banning guns after Colorado shooting won't end killing

J. Karl Miller writes that much of the campaign favoring increased gun control after the recent shooting in Aurora, Colo., is both ill-informed and intentionally untrue.