J. Karl Miller

J. KARL MILLER: 'Get a Job' remains the recipe for the American Dream

The American Dream isn't dead. Hardworking individuals that immigrate to the United States are proof of that.

J. KARL MILLER: A response to Boone County Democrats

J. Karl Miller offers a rebuttal to the Boone County Democratic Party Central Committee's guest commentary featured in the Missourian.

J. KARL MILLER: Nanny state can't protect us from obesity

The growing obesity problem in the U.S. can only be solved by individual desire to be healthier, the columnist writes.

J. KARL MILLER: Government officials will at least listen to active citizens

If you want your elected officials to make the changes you believe need to be made, then you have to make sure your voice is heard.

J. KARL MILLER: Blaming '1 percenters' for all of nation's problems is unhealthy

Blaming former presidents, corporations and "1 percenters" for today's societal ills is beyond logic and reason.

J. KARL MILLER: Limbaugh's induction accompanied by partisan criticism

Protest of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh's induction into the Hall of Famous Missourians is rife with partisan opinions and ignores his accomplishments and charity work.

J. KARL MILLER: Memorial Day Weekend Celebration proves Columbia still No. 1 for veterans

Regardless of protesters who think the celebration glorifies war, the annual air show and parade are must-sees.

J. KARL MILLER: Who decreed wealth and profit evil?

Today's youth are too quick to complain and covet while not putting in the work required to achieve what they desire.

J. KARL MILLER: War on women was not waged by Republicans

The Democrats continue to "blame" the Republican Party for the "war on women," despite that the Democrats have "held the legislative reins for more than two-thirds of the time" in the past 62 years.

J. KARL MILLER: Good food can be just the thing to bring different people together

Taking a page from David Rosman's book, J. Karl Miller takes the week off from politics to discuss some of the finer eating establishments Columbia has to offer.

J. KARL MILLER: Obama's Buffett rule another attack on wealthy, Romney

The use of "class warfare" used by President Barack Obama's administration is a ploy to connect with the 99 percent, while tarnishing the hard work of the wealthiest Americans.

J. KARL MILLER: Trayvon Martin case has been hijacked for interest group agendas

Though no one has been indicted in the much-publicized death of a teenager in Florida, the case is being twisted in the public eye to support political agendas.

J. KARL MILLER: It is lonely at the top

Ken Burton has faced a tumultuous time as chief of police, but his time at the top has produced many major positive changes within the department.

J. KARL MILLER: We need to return to civility of past generations

While our First Amendment rights should be protected, we need to communicate our opinions compassionately and treat others with respect. This includes amending the content in vulgar entertainment mediums such as movies, television shows, concerts and night club entertainment.

J. KARL MILLER: Freedom of contraception choice does not mean freedom from payment

The question is not whether to deny "the right of a woman to choose to exercise contraception" but where the responsibility of cost lies.

J. KARL MILLER: Let's hear it for Coach Haith

Frank Haith has turned allegations of NCAA violations and calls to resign into the best regular-season record in Missouri men's basketball history.

J. KARL MILLER: Break the code of silence

Putting aside past injustices and cooperating with the police is the only way to end the gang violence in town and ensure everyone's safety.

J. KARL MILLER: Missouri Voter ID Amendment will 'keep honest people honest'

While proponents of a photo ID requirement for voters say it will help reduce voter fraud, its critics believe it will keep the disadvantaged away from the polls.

J. KARL MILLER: Who defines Republican and Conservative?

Self appointed conservative pundits and radio hosts have widened the gap between Republicans and Conservatives.

J. KARL MILLER: Study the issues before voting or signing a petition

There are hidden consequences to raising cigarette taxes and minimum wage that voters should research to make an educated decision.