J. Karl Miller

J. KARL MILLER: Two-party system might not be perfect, but it works

The two-party system has its benefits, including stability and encouraging debate.

J. KARL MILLER: Don't jump to conclusions unless you've been there

Before facts are investigated about the reports of Marines urinating on dead Taliban members, opinions of people who haven't been on-site where an incident happened have little value.

J. KARL MILLER: Budget reductions pose unnecessary risk to national security

Cutbacks in our military, as history has shown us, lead to regret and more money spent to regain the balance of power in combat forces.

J. KARL MILLER: There are two varsity basketball teams at Mizzou

Women's basketball has been overlooked and underappreciated by most sports fans. However, the sport, including MU's women's basketball team, is no longer the dull and archaic game it used to be. 

J. KARL MILLER: Separating the journalists from the charlatans and wannabes

True journalists must write for an established publication that follows reasonable rules, has mindful editors and verifies its information. Others, such as bloggers and sensationalist video wielders, don't live up to this standard.

J. KARL MILLER: Have a merry Christmas — I certainly intend to

For as long as J. Karl Miller can remember, he has had an unabashed and unashamed love affair with Christmas.

J. KARL MILLER: Occupy protest movement is a nuisance

If the "Occupy" movement has a purpose, it is expertly concealed behind a facade of adolescents acting out about a perceived unfairness in their allowance or curfew. The notion that they as "99 percenters" are victims of the wealthiest percent and, as such, deserve to share in a redistribution of property is absolute nonsense.

J. KARL MILLER: Handicapping the 2012 election on the GOP front

There is no clear favorite Republican candidate to win GOP nod for the upcoming 2012 election.

J. KARL MILLER: MU revisits fraternity alcohol ban, diversity requirement — with mixed results

Legalizing alcohol consumption in fraternity houses by students of legal age makes sense, but adding a diversity requirement is not necessary.

J. KARL MILLER: No applause for defecting to the SEC

Missouri's move to the SEC comes at a price: the loss of historic rivalries with former Big 7/8 schools.

J. KARL MILLER: Woodstock minus the music and mud

The frustration over the flawed economy and lack of jobs is understood, but it's irrational for "occupiers" to think that the "99 percent" is entitled to the money of the wealthy.

J. KARL MILLER: Halloween is for youngsters; let them have fun

Halloween is a festival for children and teenagers, who will always remember the nights of trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving and other fun traditions. Progressive and religious groups should let children have their fun.

J. KARL MILLER: Ten years without a terrorist attack since 9/11 is nothing to dismiss

Security measures taken after the 9/11 terrorist attacks are to thank for a decade without terrorist attacks in the United States.

J. KARL MILLER: Taxing the rich is not the solution

The divisive measure might be effective in campaigning, but it would not be a substitute for fixing the current tax code.

J. KARL MILLER: Like the 'Puppy Mill' legislation, voter intiatives may not serve the public well

The intentions of the “Your Vote Counts” petition, which would demand a three-quarters vote of the legislature to set aside or amend ballot initiatives, should be questioned.


J. KARL MILLER: U.S. nuclear arms are an unfortunate but necessary deterrent

The United States should maintain its supply of nuclear weapons because rogue states cannot be trusted to follow disarmament procedures.

J. KARL MILLER: Feral cat ordinance is misguided and unenforceable

Although the Columbia City Council had good intentions, it is creating more problems than it is solving with feral cats.

J. KARL MILLER: Nation's fiscal train wreck averted for now

Cuts to defense spending seriously weaken national security, and that is not the way to resolve the national debt problem.

J. KARL MILLER: Obama, Democrats failed to anticipate mood of electorate

Much of the lengthy impasse during the debt ceiling negotiations is due to President Obama's Robin Hood class-envy tactic wherein the wealthy become the villains.

J. KARL MILLER: What is reasonable doubt?

There is no greater responsibility than that of a parent to a child — willful abdication of that obligation should be considered a capital offense.