J. Karl Miller

J. KARL MILLER: Deciphering the debt ceiling proposals

Increasing taxes in a weak economy is counterproductive, and the U.S. cannot keep spending more than it takes in.

J. KARL MILLER: National epidemic of ignorance in history

There is no reasonable excuse for American youth's poor knowledge of American history.

J. KARL MILLER: 76 years later, entitlement reigns over responsibility

The growing sense of entitlement in this country might be eroding away our personal responsibility.

J. KARL MILLER: Not being Obama is GOP's biggest advantage

With the president's approval rate dropping under 50 percent, Republican candidates  may benefit from the simple fact that they are not President Barack Obama.

J. KARL MILLER: Betrayals of public trust should not be tolerated

Elected public officials must be held to higher standards of conduct and integrity.

KARL MILLER: Photo IDs for voters — why not?

Photo identification is a necessity for obtaining the ability to vote.

J. KARL MILLER: Blaming Ronald McDonald for obesity is just the tip of the iceberg

The government, along with watchdog organizations, uses corporate mascots as scapegoats for widespread issues such as obesity. Although campaigns to promote healthy diets and habits are points well-taken, the decision to comply ultimately lies with the consumer.

J. KARL MILLER: Diversity course is not the answer to intolerance at MU

The MU Faculty Council voted to reject the inclusion of a diversity-intensive course in undergraduate curriculum. No further action should be taken because the classes are largely unnecessary.

J. KARL MILLER: A civilized nation does not need photos of bin Laden's death

As a combat veteran, one who has experienced the horrific and tragic deaths of friend and foe alike, I am appalled by anyone who would advocate the display of a dead enemy as a trophy of war.

J. KARL MILLER: Bikers and dog owners should leave Bonnie View trails alone

Columbia has 65 parks where dog owners can walk their dogs and 125 miles of bikeways where cyclists can bike. Bonnie View trails should stay as pristine and as unspoiled as possible.

J. KARL MILLER: Prop. B debate has historical context

History has taught us that majority is not always right.


J. KARL MILLER: U.S. national debt is a spending problem

Paul Ryan's proposed budget addresses the problem by addressing spending.

J. KARL MILLER: Women's teams play basketball the right way

Women's basketball is a purer version of basketball than the way men play.

J. KARL MILLER: Vietnam anniversary provides opportunity for overdue recognition

Thirty years ago Wednesday, the last American troops left Vietnam. Since then, those who served in that war have faced ridicule and personal attacks for doing their duty.

J. KARL MILLER: U.S. should do its job right in Libya

Establishment of the no-fly zone in Libya entailed the best of intentions; however, there has yet to be a clearly defined mission or objective.

J. KARL MILLER: Facts get lost in Wisconsin union circus

When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker proposed restricting certain union employees' collective bargaining rights and requiring they contribute to their retirement and health benefits, as is done in the private sector, a circus atmosphere materialized.

J. KARL MILLER: Springtime brings back entertaining memories of MU

Today's students, with the inevitability of progress and growth, do not get to experience some of the old pleasures the writer shared in the 1950s at MU.

J. KARL MILLER: Legislature should tackle flawed Proposition B

The legislature's potential plans to modify or repeal the "puppy mill initiative" have raised debate via comments and letters to editors statewide.

J. KARL MILLER: Citizens Police Review Board creates schism between police, residents

The Citizens Police Review Board is counterproductive and should fade away soon. 

J. KARL MILLER: Opposition to capital punishment is misdirected

A majority of Americans support the death penalty for a reason: Capital punishment is appropriately reserved for the most vicious of crimes.