J. Karl Miller

COLUMN: Missouri's Proposition C vote yields wide range of political effect

Primarily along party lines, the political feedback for Missouri's overwhelming rejection of the insurance mandate in the new health care law by a nearly 3 to 1 margin has ranged from euphoria to angry denial with a few yawns tossed in for good measure.

COLUMN: Responsible journalism doesn't threaten national security

J. Karl Miller writes that when the safety of those fighting for freedom is at stake, it shouldn't be up to journalists to determine what information the public deserves to know.

COLUMN: The inevitability and weight of taxes

Facts are indeed stubborn and will not go away — the $787 billion stimulus, extended jobless benefits and all the various cash outlays are hardly freebies. They must be paid for by someone.

COLUMN: Instant replay takes the human element out of officiating sports

If the players are allowed to make mistakes during the game, officials should be able to as well.

COLUMN: Instead of outlawing guns, keep guns away from outlaws

Criminalizing firearms benefits criminals the most. Instead, courts should work to ensure that the only people with guns are those who will use them safely.

COLUMN: McChrystal's comments no way for a leader to act

There was no getting around it, after questioning President Obama, General Stanley McChrystal had to go.

COLUMN: Playing the blame game in the BP oil spill

The race to label someone as culpable in the Gulf oil spill has led to fingers pointed not only at BP, but also at former President George W. Bush, Big Oil, greed, capitalism, anti-environmentalists and the American driver.

COLUMN: A curmudgeon's eye view of practically everything

Take a look back at how the world has changed in the last 75 years.

COLUMN: Humor has died in a politically correct society

In the ever increasing call for political correctness, society has become too oversensitive to laugh every now and then at humor reaching across diverse lines.

COLUMN: Congress has failed in the immigration control issue

The rhetoric surrounding this controversial issue is doing nothing to bridge the divide and solve the problem. Control of the borders and who comes and goes is neither a Democrat or Republican problem, it is a national issue to be solved by the federal government.

COLUMN: Distorted Vietnam service has a long history

David Blumenthal's claims of service in the Connecticut Senate race is just the latest example of someone misrepresenting their record in Vietnam. It's something that has been going on for decades now.

COLUMN: Kagan confirmation: Incendiary or dud?

When the confirmation hearings begin for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, questions about experience are likely to arise. However, the U.S. Constitution doesn't state necessary qualifications for a Supreme Court justice.


COLUMN: Let Burton, Columbia police do their job

Mistakes were made during an ill-fated Feb. 11 SWAT incident, but let's give the man in charge a chance to fix the problems before we criticize.

COLUMN: Judge's ruling against prayer day is a joke

This continued bickering over the intent and meaning of separation of church and state is mindless and unreasonable among people presumed to be civilized. Although we as the tolerant must also tolerate the intolerant, we should not allow them to make the rules.

COLUMN: Democrats, media stereotype tea party

Some anti-tea party columnists, bloggers and editorials have characterized the tea party as being racists and fanatics based on information from recent polls. Other information, such as tea party members being better educated, is often over-looked.

COLUMN: Lawyers don't receive the respect they've earned

Although never matching that of the clergy or physicians, throughout much of American history, lawyers have enjoyed the trust and respect of the people, but that trust has been eroded.

COLUMN: When voters send a message, it pays to recognize it

To those who say an unfair infusion of money influenced the result of the April elections, one just has to look at recent national and state elections to see that isn't true.

COLUMN: Opposition to Taser use is foolish

Why trust our law enforcement officiers with shotguns, pistols and nightsticks but not Tasers, which are a less lethal alternative?

COLUMN: Take a closer look at what ads we regulate

We're so caught up in keeping tobacco and alcohol off of the airwaves that we miss the shady lawyers and debt-relief agents.

COLUMNIST: Health care bill needs some compromise

The mainstream media would have you believe that Republicans are obstructionists, but history proves that wrong.