J. Karl Miller

COLUMN: Take advantage of privilege: be an informed voter

The right to vote is one of our most important privileges, and those choosing to vote should ensure they are well-informed and well-prepared. This election is particularly important, as it will elect a new mayor and two city council seats.

COLUMN: Academy Awards give hope for quality films

Recently, the academy has selected unworthy movies as winners, but "The Hurt Locker" shows that quality filmaking will be rewarded.

COLUMN: First Amendment assemblies are the right course of action

Two separate incidences of peaceful assembly were in the spotlight last week. Their actions show that no matter what the argument, the First Amendment gives you the best platform.

COLUMN: Reconciliation wrong in past, wrong today in health care

Invoking reconciliation to push legislation is dangerous and wrong. Senate rules are in place for important reasons and should not be overturned for any reason, especially not the health care debacle.

COLUMN: Gridlock in Congress opens the door for Republicans

After key victories in Virginia, Massachusetts and New Jersey, Republicans should look to build upon that momentum in taking back Congress in 2010.

COLUMN: Gay people in the military: armed forces are no place for social experiments

The decision to let gay men and lesbians serve in the military is not a question of what is fair, but of what is better for accomplishing the mission.

COLUMN: Best way to fight obesity is to get kids moving

Treating childhood obesity should start at home with kids getting off the couch and doing chores outside.

COLUMN: Missouri ethics reform bills won't cure all wrongful practices

 Missouri legislature is working to make changes in ethics laws. However, similar reforms have yet to yield the desired results. The solution is not the imposition of more rules, rather, it is one of electing to office men and women of honesty, integrity and character.

COLUMN: Media goes too far in hounding fallen public figures

It's time to lay off the likes of Tiger Woods and Mark McGwire — enough is enough.

COLUMN: Obama not keeping promise of transparency

Especially on important issues such as health care reform, President Obama  must make good on campaign promises of conducting debates in public and involving members of both parties.

COLUMN: A good editor would help the legislative process

Legislation should be written as simply and concisely as possible without any hidden tricks or hastily passed provisions.