Michael Jonathan Grinfeld

First time father of the bride: The finale, and what I’ve learned

The year-long planning process is nearly complete, and the bride is only a day away from walking down the aisle. On the eve of her big day, her father looks back at the lessons he hopes to share with other first-time fathers of a bride.

COLUMN: First time father of the bride: It helps if you’re a lawyer

Using his training as a lawyer, Michael Jonathan Grinfeld navigates through the minefield that is preparing for a modern wedding.

COLUMN: First time father of the bride: What about the boy?

As the bride begins to build her future with her new husband, her father reflects on the relationship he has built with his daughter over the past 30-some years and contemplates the forthcoming relationship with his son-in-law.

COLUMN: First-time father of the bride gets the jitters

A father fears that his performance on his daughter's wedding day is less than perfect and indelibly tarnishes his daughter's memory of her special day, the one she spent more than a year conjuring.

COLUMN: Lost without 'Lost'

Comparing Columbia to TV's hit show "Lost," the separation between "insiders" and "outsiders" of mid-Missouri is widened by Columbia becoming a meaner place.

COLUMN: Curb your government, curb your dog

Dog owners need to take responsibility for their pets and pay all the costs. Rather than spend public money on animals, let's spend it on people first.

GUEST COMMENTARY: 10 things you can do with a cross

The Supreme Court says a cross doesn't mean what you think. So, what else could it be?

GUEST COMMENTARY: Arizona law instills fear in all citizens

Although Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed the senate bill that allows law enforcement to "crack down" on immigration laws, we must refuse to give in to the fear. American citizens shouldn't have to carry around their U.S. passports like my grandfather did in fear of the KGB.