Rose Nolen

ROSE NOLEN: One winter long ago: Cold winds, warm neighbors

A chilling breeze brings cold breaths and warm memories of a winter long past.

ROSE NOLEN: Lock up your guns and keep children from dying

With more and more children dying from gun violence, it's time for parents to take a stand to prevent anymore deaths. 

ROSE NOLEN: Fall is a lovely time to celebrate nature, family and the chilly season

Fall brings back cherished memories of family game nights, Thanksgiving dinners and preparation for Christmas.


ROSE NOLEN: Sometimes, a patchwork family works well for everyone

Love and caring, not biology, is what holds a family together.

ROSE NOLEN: Preparing for holidays was — almost always — a treat and a blessing

The bounty of summer became the bounty of the holiday season as family members gathered to share stories and food — lots of food.

ROSE NOLEN: Friends don't like friends who tattle and gossip

When someone doesn't know when not to tell everything they know, it's no wonder that they have few friends. Others, though, know just how to handle those sorts of people.

ROSE NOLEN: Right to own one doesn't make a gun necessary

The Constitution gives people the right to bare arms, but why do people feel the need to have so many guns?


ROSE NOLEN: Americans must assist those in need at home

Financial greed should not distract from helping those in need.

ROSE NOLEN: New lessons are needed to solve bullying

Bullying is a childhood disease that needs to be cured.

ROSE NOLEN: Education once turned children into responsible adults

My brother could have helped win the war for education. As it was, he finished school about 40 years too late. He became a teacher when it became more important to parents to let their children have a good time in school rather than get a good education.

ROSE NOLEN: Politicians need to pay attention closer to home

Politicians do not take the time to explain to young people how politics affects their lives.

ROSE NOLEN: Housing, jobs remain hallmarks of injustice for blacks

Although the Civil Rights Bill was passed in 1964, black people are still fighting for equal footing.


ROSE NOLEN: Uncertain about right to farm, when corporations are involved

The proposed amendment raises questions about who the right to farm will apply to and what it will mean.

ROSE NOLEN: When dreams of country living collide with reality

Rose Nolen used to dream of living in a country farmhouse, but safety concerns about living so far from others eventually led her to stay in town.

ROSE NOLEN: A small-town, big-city girl wrapped up in one person

The important thing is to find the good life where ever you are.

ROSE NOLEN: Ugliness in the world? I'd rather not talk about it

Nolen says are many things to feel bad about, but wasting time thinking about them constantly ruins your outlook on life.

ROSE NOLEN: Texting while driving — dangerous for everyone

In Missouri, the texting while driving ban applies only to drivers under the age of 21, but it's not just young drivers that are easily distracted by their cellphones.

ROSE NOLEN: Journey after desegregation has been slow and rocky, but also steady

Racism cannot be changed with a simple court ruling, but rather requires a consistent desire for a better society.

ROSE NOLEN: Americans are losing hope in the dream

For America to return to the status it once held in the eyes of its citizens, job opportunities need to be generated.

ROSE NOLEN: Being a kind neighbor helps pay the dues for living on this planet

Living outside of a community is like night and day. You have to worry about everything. You are completely on your own.