Rose Nolen

ROSE NOLEN: Remember those who fought for our voting rights

With voting rights legislation making headlines once again, we cannot forget the struggle it took to get us where we are.

ROSE NOLEN: Men and women doing the same work should receive the same pay

There should be an expanded Department of Labor. It would be a place where all matters involving work issues could be handled. There are probably more issues related to job unfairness that go undetected than in any other area of human endeavor.


ROSE NOLEN: Animals can boost physical, emotional well-being when kept as pets

Two sisters differed for a long time on their opinions about having pets, but eventually, they found the animals were a source of comfort.

ROSE NOLEN: Some enjoy time with family while others prefer work, hobbies

People have their own lives and are not so closely associated with other family members these days.

ROSE NOLEN: Guns don't belong in schools

Schools are laboratories for learning, not armed camps. When we can no longer provide safe places for children to learn, then we need to keep our children at home.

ROSE NOLEN: It's time to address immigration

In America, we need to get a handle on work. If there are jobs to be done and not enough money to pay to have them done, then we need to figure out what we are going to do about it.

ROSE NOLEN: Many are already off the fiscal cliff

I think I went off the fiscal cliff shortly after 9/11, and I don’t think I ever got back on. The two big wars were enough to keep me struggling just to keep my feet on the ground.

ROSE NOLEN: Right to work is a step backward for labor movement

Missouri legislators reject right-to-work laws that prohibit unions from requiring workers to pay dues as a condition of their employment.

ROSE NOLEN: The key to relationships is shared values

It can be hard to be happy in any kind of relationship, including a marriage, shared workplace or friendship, if there are no shared values or respect for diversity.

ROSE NOLEN: Christmas changes people for the better

One of the most wonderful things about Christmas is the way it fills the heart with joy and thanksgiving. People don’t just wish their own Christmases to be filled with joy, but they wish joy for everyone.

ROSE NOLEN: Businesses are not interested in helping country

This election season I’m getting the opportunity to observe how much our lives have changed over the past few years. It’s been a long time since the country has been split on the basis of political parties.

ROSE NOLEN: Lawmakers need to put aside political differences and work together

In ordinary times, people of goodwill would certainly put the operation of good government ahead of whatever role they might play in their political party. But these are not ordinary times.

ROSE NOLEN: Partisan politics shouldn't disqualify people from government jobs

Political affiliation shouldn't be used to determine whether an individual is qualified to work at a government agency. 

ROSE NOLEN: Stop fighting old fights and focus on real issues

We've come too far as a country to go back to the days when women and minorities were treated as second-class citizens.

ROSE NOLEN: Success can come without money

It's important to appreciate others for the gifts he or she has been given, even if there is no money involved. 

ROSE NOLEN: It's easy to profit from meeting new people

Meeting individuals for the first time, you can never be sure what you’re walking into. Some people are lucky, while others struggle, but you can learn something from each person you meet.

ROSE NOLEN: Missouri women are concerned about education about women's health

It’s disturbing, really, to discover how much time and energy men in public office are using to rake over women’s health issues. I think they actually believe that they are doing the right thing. In their own, ridiculously pitiful way, I think they are trying to protect women from themselves.

ROSE NOLEN: Create jobs, not war

This convention seasons brings out a host of people claiming to have ideas on how to fix this country. Unfortunately, most of those ideas are not very good.

ROSE NOLEN: Let's agree to disagree and still talk to each other

Everyone, even Todd Akin, is entitled to an opinion. Even if that opinion is off-based.

ROSE NOLEN: Some Americans will not accept rule by the wealthy

The Supreme Court's ruling on Citizens United opened the door for unlimited political contributions by corporations and now wealthy citizens are influencing elections. Additionally, new voter ID laws are restricting minorities' access to the polls. If nothing is done, American democracy will crumble.