Rose Nolen

ROSE NOLEN: Gay marriage is a matter of civil rights

People need to properly understand the separation of church and state. We should be more concerned about people who hate than whom someone loves.

ROSE NOLEN: Americans need to find a way to work together

The lust for power seems suddenly to have invaded every aspect of our lives. That seems to be the driving force behind this need for an individual to have the world operate by his or her rules or no rules.

ROSE NOLEN: Electoral process, political parties have left voters confused

The volatility of the electoral process has left voters uninspired, confused and willing to skip out on Election Day. If we continue on this path, it is difficult to say what kind of government we will ultimately inspire.

ROSE NOLEN: Congress needs to prepare for Social Security's budget drain

As Social Security money dwindles and the nation's debt rises, Congress needs to "protect our money and demand that rich people pay their fair share of taxes."

ROSE NOLEN: People create racial unrest through speech

The language chosen by some people during this presidential campaign to express their displeasure is off the charts.

ROSE NOLEN: Corrupt organizations exploit voters for personal benefits

Organizations like the American Legislative Exchange Council use citizens as pawns to pass laws that benefits themselves and similar corporations.

ROSE NOLEN: People shouldn't be satisfied when things remain same

People complain that things aren't like they used to be, but we have wielded the many changes. People are too willing to "throw out the old and take on the new."

ROSE NOLEN: Hopefully the Supreme Court will rule the Constitution ensures well-being

Sick people deserve to have health care; the Affordable Care Act allows them that right. We have the responsibility to find ways to help those less fortunate.

ROSE NOLEN: Political parties do little to solve country's problems

The United States has struggled over the years in maintaining the principles outlined in the Constitution. Political parties do little to stick to the ideals of our forefathers.

ROSE NOLEN: Clear First Amendment regulations would encourage civil discourse

Because many people do not have a firm grasp of the First Amendment, they do not know what they can or cannot legally say. As citizens, we need to monitor harmful speech, such as Rush Limbaugh's recent outbursts.

ROSE NOLEN: We should memorialize, continue to fight for women's rights

This generation and future generation should continue to fight for women's rights, in remembrance of the women who gathered at Seneca Falls Convention and stood for equal rights, and preserve the rights.

ROSE NOLEN: Male Republicans desire control in women's rights issues

A recently defeated amendment would have allowed insurance providers with moral or religious objections to refuse to cover birth control.

ROSE NOLEN: Cost to move pets should not be prohibitive

A new United Airlines pet policy regarding animals flying from Japan could cost their owners much more than before.

ROSE NOLEN: Information is everywhere, but when is it helpful?

The excess of information is causing exhaustion and mental agitation for some, much of which seems superfluous to the average person.

ROSE NOLEN: Black History Month reflects on past, celebrates progress

February is a time to look back at the history of blacks in America, share stories and culture as a teaching tool and look to the future.

ROSE NOLEN: Candidates' supporters shouldn't hide their true identity

Allowing individuals to hide their identity behind piles of money is creating a bad situation, which I feel we will ultimately pay for. Providing people with opportunities to demonstrate their lack of character is unappealing.

ROSE NOLEN: The rich leave others behind in controlling politics

The rise of super PACs is further separating the average person from the rich, elitist politicians.

ROSE NOLEN: Your children are not your children

Parenting is a learning experience that requires discipline and the acknowledgement that you are not the sole influence on your child's life.

ROSE NOLEN: Live life one day at a time

We are never satisfied with living in the moment. Instead, we are too busy anticipating the next day ahead.

ROSE NOLEN: It's a new year and another chance to take action

All of us should be gathering our friends and resources to zero in on problems we cannot solve alone.