Rose Nolen

ROSE NOLEN: Christmas is time to think about plight of your neighbors

Neighbors should always be ready to help families in need — especially during the holidays.

ROSE NOLEN: The 'sovereign citizen' movement preys on hopelessness

The courts have been weighed down with frivolous lawsuits from domestic terrorists.

ROSE NOLEN: I always thought my friend Gloria had everything, but I was wrong

I’ve always wondered why some women are willing to pay money to look like someone else.

ROSE NOLEN: Believing what you hear is often baffling

Before you believe in what you’re hearing, find out the truth. Go through the news and find out what other people are saying on the subject. Don’t be sold until you’ve heard the final word.

ROSE NOLEN: Women can't be bystanders in their financial lives

Women should get involved in their family's finances because they never know what might happen in life.

ROSE NOLEN: How my brother's secret cured my fear of ghosts

A brother's lie about a younger sister's past helped her get past an intense childhood fear, and he doesn't even know about it.

ROSE NOLEN: If political leaders met real people, a lot might get fixed

The question is not how did we get into such a worrisome situation, but how do we get out?

ROSE NOLEN: 'The Help' stirs up memories and opinions, bad and good

"The Help" is a story about racism in the South in the 1960s, and reflects the time period very well.

ROSE NOLEN: Let's hope the voices of Wall Street protesters are heard in Congress

Our leaders should remember that the government is run by the people, for the people and that politicians' interests aren't the only ones that matter.

ROSE NOLEN: Urban or rural, a home offers pleasures and surprises

Be it a small town or a big city, every experience adds a chapter to life's great adventure. There are things to be gained and lessons to be learned from each way of life.

ROSE NOLEN: Despite benefits of technology, some things still need human touch

Computers and cellphones get in the way of us knowing how other people really feel.

ROSE NOLEN: Safety on Halloween should not be an afterthought

It used to be safe for children to roam neighborhoods on Halloween, but times have changed. Parents need to take an active role in supervising their children.

ROSE NOLEN: Education used to be the cornerstone of community life

The departure from traditional values in today's tech-driven world is robbing America's youth of the pleasures and opportunities public education used to provide.

ROSE NOLEN: Loss of small post offices is another sign of economic despair

As many small-town post offices, people are losing hope in a recovery for the economic job crisis. 

ROSE NOLEN: Working together can be the glue the nation needs

We can choose either to live together or die alone. For the sake of the nation and our families, let's learn to peacefully reside among one another, despite our backgrounds and biases.

ROSE NOLEN: It's worth speaking up to solve the nation's problems

We are often too apathetic or naive to listen to those around us, but we should pay attention to those seeking peace.

ROSE NOLEN: Sometimes, being out of the loop is a good place to be

People are much too willing to share personal information, and that's just not necessary.

ROSE NOLEN: Failure of irresponsible parents affects everyone

When parents fail, society assumes the responsibility of taking care of their children. Taxpayers pay for foster care and assume the cost of juvenile justice despite having no control over they way children are raised.

ROSE NOLEN: Democracy doesn't mean stooping to make a buck

It's time to ask ourselves what democracy is all about and how far we are willing to go to feather our nests.

ROSE NOLEN: People can make big changes in small towns

Americans can learn from those living in villages and hamlets, where residents are the government. If they want something done, they must step in themselves.