Reader Opinions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thomas will continue to listen to public if elected

Columbia resident Pack Matthews advises local citizens to vote in the upcoming city council and mayoral election April 2.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ian Thomas will be consensus builder on council

Ian Thomas will bring local, national and international experience to Columbia City Council.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ian Thomas proven successful in working for community

Ian Thomas has thoughtful and energetic ideas that would benefit the whole city.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: McDavid is most qualified, should continue as mayor

Bob McDavid had a successful first term and should be elected so he can continue helping Columbia move forward.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sid Sullivan shows qualifications for office

Sid Sullivan has the education, decision-making skills and focus needed to be an effective mayor.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ian Thomas has vision for better Columbia

Ian Thomas is able to use analytical problem solving and people skills to bring stakeholders together to find common solutions, two Columbia residents write.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ian Thomas clear choice for council

Ian Thomas' character, intellect and experience ensure he'd be the clear choice for the Fourth Ward City Council seat.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: McDavid's record shows he deserves re-election

One of Bob McDavid's colleagues said he thinks McDavid's analytical skills would make him a good mayor for as long as he wants to work.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Missouri residents deserve clean energy

We must do something to address how our over-reliance on imported coal affects the health of our children.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ian Thomas has experience and qualities for council seat

Ian Thomas is a person of intelligence, education and wide experience, and he cares about the environment.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Missouri needs stricter laws to stop poor drivers

Vehicle drivers often lack the know-how and consideration required to safely share the road with motorcyclists. Some drivers do not pay enough attention while driving to identify motorcyclists on the road before making lane changes and other vehicle maneuvers.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Increased sales tax is not the answer for funding services

Sales taxes impose more upon the poor and working class than upon the well-to-do.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ian Thomas ready for challenge of leading Columbia

Ian Thomas will bring a fresh set of ideas on how to deal with public transportation needs along with addressing rapid growth with theconsensus of all voters in the Fourth Ward.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Court ruling a victory for Missouri women

The decision of whether or not to take birth control is a decision for women to make, not their employers.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ian Thomas will bring passion to Council as Fourth Ward councilman

Ian Thomas' willingness to listen to and consider opposing views and to critically analyze issues will prove very beneficial as Fourth Ward councilman.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ian Thomas aware of issues facing Columbia

As outgoing director of the PedNet Coalition, Ian Thomas has exhibited energy, resourcefulness and initiative.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ian Thomas has original ideas for Columbia

Two Columbia residents think Ian Thomas will bring his independent and original ideas to the Fourth Ward City Council position. 


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Discrimination protection should extend to everyone

People are still being discriminated against because of sexual orientation or gender identity. But some young activists are working to prevent this discrimination.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Congress' Problem Solvers Bloc urges lawmakers to work across party lines

Fifty senators and representatives have formed a "Problem Solvers Bloc" under the leadership of No Labels, a political organization that advocates for bipartisanship and problem solving in Congress.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ian Thomas' work with PedNet demonstrates commitment to Columbia

Ian has put energy, ideas and lots of hard work into getting funding for PedNet. Ian has proved himself as caring, hard working and an individual who will definitely serve the community.