Reader Opinions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time for a change in Senate filibuster rules

Infrequently used, a filibuster might have merit in extremely rare circumstances for the minority in our Senate, however this tool has become just about as common place as bathroom breaks.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Changing these programs would adversely affect every family in America. We should save and improve these programs.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Roll cart issue should not be raised again

If the subject of trash roll carts comes up again, I feel it should be put up for a citywide vote.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Access to guns is the problem

The NRA’s proposal to create a national registry is a cynical gimmick to distract us from the major cause of gun violence — easy access to guns.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It's time for action on assault weapons

How many more times will we have to watch this kind of story before Congress enacts an effective ban on assault weapons?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Close tax loopholes for corporations

Officials of both parties in Washington should come together to close the corporate tax loopholes first to avoid shifting the tax burden to the rest of the country.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Disabled passengers can't use Star Dinner Train

The train will not have an Americans with Disabilities Act-compatible passenger car. 


Columbia resident Linda Green writes that school workers, public employees, business owners, job seekers and Columbia residents should all be concerned about Enhanced Enterprise Zones coming to Columbia.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Speak up and change the conversation about rape

As students, you and I can have immense influence in shaping the opinions of our peers and promoting a safe environment if only we learn to speak up.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Quick fixes for Medicare will not address inherent problems

Some Medicare cuts, such as increasing the age of qualification, do not address the greater issues with the service.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Congressional policies should affect citizens equally

Congress' actions should affect all citizens in the same way, not based upon household income.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thank you to all who contributed to Everyone Eats

Thanksgiving was a rich experience because of the goodwill and generosity of those who contributed to Everyone Eats, writes William E. "Gene" Robertson, an MU professor emeritus.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Concerns about development near Rock Bridge State Park

The urban development this is being planned near Rock Bridge State Park is requesting zoning changes to include 11 duplexes and 65 singly-family homes.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Income tax prevents economic growth, global competitiveness

Changing levels of taxation doesn't address global competitiveness. Fair Tax HR 25 is the only bill before Congress that stimulates the economy.

'Peoples' Visioning' strives to make Columbia better through collaboration

The "Peoples' Visioning" community group is hosting their third mini-conference Monday with live music and refreshments at 6:30 p.m. and a program at 7 p.m. in the Friends Room at Daniel Boone Regional Library.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need new paradigms

Every group of people has a right to choose their compatriots according to their core values and beliefs starting on a very small scale, such as within a family or friends, to the levels of city, state and country, a Missourian reader writes.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Public health funding is critical for the future of America

Bert Malone, vice president of Missouri Public Health Association, thinks investing in public health funding will strengthen the nation's health infrastructure.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Here are things to keep in mind when voting

With elections Tuesday, voters need to keep in mind some important things.

GUEST COMMENTARY: McCaskill's voting record could hurt Missouri

The senator's support of cap-and-trade system and EPA regulations could cost Missouri residents.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hensley's environmental record shows she's right for Fourth District

U.S. representative candidate Teresa Hensley's stance on environmental and farm issues shows she's a match for Missouri's Fourth District.