Reader Opinions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: City elections are critical

Now that Helen Anthony is gone, voters in Columbia need to pick someone who represents the interest of all residents of the city and not just big developers.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Columbia should focus on renewable energy

It is time to increase renewable energy goals and develop new energy efficiency programs to help us meet that commitment.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Source of laws should not matter

It does not matter what source is used for practical information that allows society to prosper peacefully.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Early movements coming from the 'Peoples' Visioning'

Peoples' Visioning wants Columbia to raise its Renewable Energy Standard to 80 percent by 2015.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Missouri politicians' stance on gun control is embarrassment to state

Legislators have shown a lack of concern for citizens because of partisan extremism.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Politicians shouldn't be involved in women's health choices

Decisions about abortion are better left to a woman and her family, not politicians.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Conversation about women's health needs to reflect complexity

Politicians need to step back and stop interfering with women's access to sexual health care.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 40 years after Roe v. Wade, women still deserve choice

A woman's decision to choose adoption, end a pregnancy or raise a child must be left to her, her family and her faith, with the counsel of her doctor or health care provider.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Post-Dispatch off-base in criticism of Second Injury Fund

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board states the Second Injury Fund owes money to new claimants who are mostly injured veterans. That is inaccurate.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stop the schoolyard bullies in Congress

Working families shouldn't take the hit again so we can maintain expensive tax loopholes for Wall Street, drug companies, corporations that outsource jobs and the richest 2 percent of Americans.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Prescription Drug Monitoring Program in Missouri would save lives

Painkiller overdose deaths have more than quadrupled during the past 10 years in Missouri, the only state in the U.S. that has not passed legislation to enable a functioning monitoring program.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Red Cross seeking funds to recoup United Way loss

The Red Cross now is seeking assistance from individuals and businesses in Boone, Cooper and Howard counties to replace approximately $90,000 we lost when the United Way based in Columbia changed its funding model.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Licensing boards ignore alleged torture cases

The state licensing bureaus for both the lawyers and the psychologists who enabled the torture are unwilling to look at these matters.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time for a change in Senate filibuster rules

Infrequently used, a filibuster might have merit in extremely rare circumstances for the minority in our Senate, however this tool has become just about as common place as bathroom breaks.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Changing these programs would adversely affect every family in America. We should save and improve these programs.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Roll cart issue should not be raised again

If the subject of trash roll carts comes up again, I feel it should be put up for a citywide vote.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Access to guns is the problem

The NRA’s proposal to create a national registry is a cynical gimmick to distract us from the major cause of gun violence — easy access to guns.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It's time for action on assault weapons

How many more times will we have to watch this kind of story before Congress enacts an effective ban on assault weapons?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Close tax loopholes for corporations

Officials of both parties in Washington should come together to close the corporate tax loopholes first to avoid shifting the tax burden to the rest of the country.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Disabled passengers can't use Star Dinner Train

The train will not have an Americans with Disabilities Act-compatible passenger car.