Reader Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: School Board should say no to EEZs

This school money giveaway is terrible public policy. It shows disrespect for public education, when education is more important than ever.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Columbia School Board needs to take stand against EEZ

Consider the consequences if such a funding loss creates shortages for you — forcing you to seek another bond increase from the voting public.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: MU police choose to arrest marijuana users against will of voters, students

The three Missouri football players arrested last week could now face criminal possession charges, which would threaten their scholarships and future careers for possessing cannabis, a substance that has been decriminalized in Columbia since 2004.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Access to federal student loans is vital

We need elected officials who will work to find more programs that protect and improve the access middle- and low-income students have to education. 

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Akin's Medicare plan will harm seniors

Claire McCaskill has a proven record of standing on the side of her constituents when it comes to ensuring that our seniors get the quality, affordable care they deserve.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: McCaskill's moderate voice is right for Missouri

Todd Akin promises more partisan obstruction in Washington; Claire McCaskill has a record of working in both parties to find solutions for Missourians.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cigarette tax targets the poor

I would ask all non-smokers to find a mirror, look yourself in the eye and ask, is Proposition B really a fair way to fund education?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Smokers should share financial burden of their habit

The current Missouri Tobacco Tax is only 17 cents per pack (lowest in the nation) and yet, according to the CDC, the smoking-related health care cost in Missouri is $7.61 per pack. Unfortunately, this means that Missouri taxpayers must pick up the tab for $532 million of annual smoking-related Medicaid bills and that costs every Missouri household $565 every year.

GUEST COMMENTARY: People's Visioning looks to create solutions for Columbia problems

People's Visioning is a Columbia group aiming to generate solutions to city problems and ideas for improvement.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Youth benefit from Social Security more than they think

You are or know someone who is now or has been aided by dependents' or suvivors' Social Security benefits.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Major changes proposed to land subdivision regulations

Among many changes the Country Planning and Zoning Commission has proposed is a regulation on the use of private roads to access public roads.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: MSHSAA rules wrongly limit pep band playing time

The amount of time pep bands can play at a Missouri high school basketball game has been cut down; action needs to be taken to change this.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It's not about the clothes we wear

The clothes that the Panellenic community chooses to wear is not a representation of its values. The Greek community should be recognized for their achievements on campus and leadership.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Banning guns threatens campus safety

While guns are banned in schools to prevent shootings, guns also serve as a means for students and faculty to protect themselves.

GUEST COMMENTARY: What I really want you to know about Columbia, S.C.

Thomas Barclay, an MU student, expresses his mixed emotions about the Missourian's previous article on his home town, Columbia, S.C.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: See numbers as colors, hear tones in numbers

Julia Williams, the Missourian reader, says it is possible for anyone to perceive the qualities inherent in the numbers.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thank you from the University of Georgia

The president of the University of Georgia thanks MU for its hospitality.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Claire McCaskill fulfills promises to support veterans

It is important to help our veterans, and that is something that is important to Claire McCaskill.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Claire McCaskill represents working families

In today's tough economic times, Claire McCaskill aims to provide workers with a sense of stability through protecting minimum wage.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Property owners should have say in trail construction

Landowners who would lose property to eminent domain for the GetAbout Columbia trail voted against the trail's proposed location.