Reader Opinions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Keep nonpartisan court plan

The League of Women Voters wants everyone to prevent partisan judicial selections and vote no on Amendment 3.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote for Janet Thompson for Northern District Boone County commissioner

Janet Thompson brings a sense of civic responsibility and professional ethics to the race for Northern District Boone County Commissioner, Columbia resident Russel Breyfogle writes.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Janet Thompson is right choice for Northern Boone County

Janet Thompson has all the right attributes to serve as the Northern District Boone County Commissioner. 

GUEST COMMENTARY: Utility practices threaten Missouri's trees

Missouri residents fear Section 537.340 of the Missouri Revised Statutes will infringe on property and due process rights.

LETTER TO EDITOR: Decorative contact lenses should be reconsidered on Halloween

A common aspect of Halloween costumes are over-the-counter colored contact lenses, which can potentially cause serious eye infection, injuries and blindness.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Without disarmament, nuclear conflict a permanent concern

With a stock of nuclear weapons on both sides, conflict over missile defense shields and strategic war plans with nuclear strike options, U.S.-Russian relations haven't entirely left the Cold War behind.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Northern commissioner race has stayed polite, business-like

The candidates for Boone County Northern District Commissioner have been polite and to the point, which has allowed people to learn more about them and their plans for office, Rocheport resident Rob Fleming writes. Fleming supports Janet Thompson because he has seen her intellect and work ethic firsthand.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Janet Thompson would help manage changes in Boone County

Janet Thompson, a candidate for Northern District Boone County Commissioner, was born and raised in Boone County, and she knows how the area is changing, Columbia resident Michael Ugarte writes. She engages with people to develop future plans and is, in short, a good person.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Threat of nuclear war still exists between U.S., Russia

The United States and Russia still have thousands of ready-to-launch nuclear weapons that could hit their targets within minutes.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Adopt a family through the Voluntary Action Center

Adopting a family for the holidays is a great and inexpensive way to give back.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Akin's extreme positions threatens middle-class families

If banks get to decide who goes to college, middle- and low-income students will get left behind.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: MU Clery releases perpetuate stereotypes

Students feel many stereotypes are perpetuated in these Clery releases, and they have been quite upset about its frequency.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Columbia no longer feels safe

There are people in Columbia now who do not even want to talk to the police, Columbia resident Delcia Crockett writes. The feeling of safety is gone for a lot of people. There are some big questions as to why the citizens are treated the way they are treated.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Injured citizens should be cared for, not treated with indifference

Public servants should not mistreat injured citizens. Instead, the city should provide refuge and remedial action for those of us who cannot accept promises of human rights and justice in Boone County.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Downtown Columbia does not need TIFs

Fred DeMarco writes that downtown Columbia can sustain economic growth without a tax-increment financing district.

GUEST COMMENTARY: School Board should say no to EEZs

This school money giveaway is terrible public policy. It shows disrespect for public education, when education is more important than ever.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Columbia School Board needs to take stand against EEZ

Consider the consequences if such a funding loss creates shortages for you — forcing you to seek another bond increase from the voting public.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: MU police choose to arrest marijuana users against will of voters, students

The three Missouri football players arrested last week could now face criminal possession charges, which would threaten their scholarships and future careers for possessing cannabis, a substance that has been decriminalized in Columbia since 2004.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Access to federal student loans is vital

We need elected officials who will work to find more programs that protect and improve the access middle- and low-income students have to education. 

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Akin's Medicare plan will harm seniors

Claire McCaskill has a proven record of standing on the side of her constituents when it comes to ensuring that our seniors get the quality, affordable care they deserve.