Reader Opinions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Property owners should have say in trail construction

Landowners who would lose property to eminent domain for the GetAbout Columbia trail voted against the trail's proposed location.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rehiring UM Press editor is only way to move forward

Rehiring former University of Missouri Press editor Clair Willcox is an essential part of restoring legitimacy.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thanks from a Georgia fan

This Georgia fan is pleased with the hospitality and friendliness of Missouri fans.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Changes to Missouri football team not good for fans

With the move to the Southeastern Conference, passionate fans are suffering the consequences. MU traditions are being ruined for the purpose of profit.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Families should have access to affordable child care

Working Missouri parents depend on child care to get and keep a job. Each week, more than 280,000 Missouri children under age 5 and 73,000 ages 5 to 14 are in the care of someone other than their parents.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Donations to Goodwill yield powerful change

MERS/Goodwill programs give clients not only employment but also renewed confidence, hope, independence, responsibility and more. The organization receives annual funding from grants and other sources, but in-kind donations make up one-third of its revenue.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dousing can be an effective method to question lies, find water

Dowsing or "water witching" is effective because what moves the sticks or pendulum is not some mysterious energy but very fine muscle movements within our bodies.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ryan on right track with church taxes

Rep. Paul Ryan is headed in the right direction in his proposal for Catholic churches to start paying property taxes, but his proposal could go further.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let's be reasonable about politicians' misstatements

There was no uproar when President Obama said the United States had 57 states.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Todd Akin embarrassed Missourians twice

Rep. Todd Akin has lost all credibility.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Photographs can help inspire change

Photography has clout and can change the social environment very quickly to one that is inspiring, hopeful and creative in a positive, productive way.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Social Security does help those who need it

Social Security benefits are not just for retirees. Many people depend on it after an injury and spouses and children depend on the program after the death of a wife or husband.

GUEST COMMENTARY: 'The good, the bad and the ugly' of Columbia

Columbia residents live with too much "bad and ugly," and the "good" in Columbia needs to emerge.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sen. McCaskill always willing to hear us out

Missouri needs a senator who is able to work with others who do not share the same perspectives.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: From one city to another, beware of GoTopless event

In Asheville, N.C., last year's GoTopless event will degrade culture, women and Columbia.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Political spending is wasteful

Florence Friedrichs of Pilot Grove thinks the millions of dollars spent on this year's election campaign is wasteful and leads to misinformation.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Putting Kids First initiative to appear on November ballot

The Putting Kids First initiative on the November ballot must be passed.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thank you from Sterling Wyatt's family

The Wyatts thank family, friends and community members for the support they gave following the death of their son, Spc. Sterling Wyatt.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Missouri health care will suffer because of Supreme Court decision

Timothy Trout, president of Missouri Professionals Mutual, says that eliminating the malpractice awards cap has to potential to have a detrimental impact on the state's health care.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Republican candidates need to stand by their principles

In 2006 and 2008 voters gave the Republican Party some tough love because too many Republican politicians had strayed too far away from their own principles. Has the lesson been learned?