Reader Opinions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Obamacare? Trick names don't help voters

The program should be more rightfully named Congress Care, a Columbia resident writes.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What will it take to get sidewalks fixed?

Torn ligaments and missed work have prompted one Columbia citizen to call out the Columbia City Council on the conditions of the sidewalks.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Exercise your freedom by voting in election

Voting is a unique privilege, and everyone should take advantage of it by voting at every available opportunity.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nancy Copenhaver is a strong advocate for education

Nancy's 30-year involvement in a variety of organizations has given her the experience she needs to be our representative.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: New campus press can't replace UM Press

It is not too late to re-establish the University of Missouri Press. The proposed campus press will only serve as an imitation to a true university press, depriving scholars and authors of a place to publish manuscripts.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Contact representatives about funding ALS research

By working together, we can be victorious in fighting ALS — amyotrophic lateral sclerosis — and ultimately save lives.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tribute to a fallen hero

Nan Collins writes how the breathtaking display of support Saturday displayed the true spirit of Columbia for all to see.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Red wall made a lasting first impression

Carol McEntyre, senior pastor of First Baptist Church, started her new job July 8.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There should be an alternative to transport goods, people

We should be investing in bus and railway systems in order to make public transportation more efficient and minimize traffic on interstates.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Ignoring obesity is part of the problem

Monir Shababi writes that overlooking the subject of obesity is contributing to people not seeking treatment. 

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Children need to be allowed time to be childish

Julia Williams said that people need to allow their children to enjoy their time as children and not force them to grow up too quickly

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: University needs balance

MU needs to support academia in the same way it supports its athletic programs.

GUEST COMMENTARY: New model for university press is flawed

Members of the Coalition to Save the University of Missouri Press voice their concerns over the new university press model.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hunting is big part of Missouri's economy

An organization called Hunting Works for Missouri reports that hunters' annual spending is equal to more than half the total cash receipts for cattle and soy beans in the state — two of Missouri's most valuable commodities.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Application of the law must evolve with the times

"Shame punishments" have no place in today's society because they "blur the line between justice and entertainment."

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let your representative know what you want

Occupy Missouri working to end the "the whole corporations-are-people-and-money-is-free-speech nonsense."

GUEST COMMENTARY: "Stand By Your Ad" campaign seeks truth in political advertising

In an effort to hold local media stations accountable for truthful reporting and advertising, has created the "Stand by Your Ad" campaign that allows participation from citizens.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Voters are at crossroad

Members of the Boone County Democratic Central Committee say the values of Democratic Party or more balanced and just than those of the Republican Party.

LETTER: Online Social Security statement provides estimates for retirement

A new online Social Security statement provides people with accurate estimates for retirement, survivor benefits and disability.

LETTER: Ed Martin is committed to veterans

Attorney general candidate Ed Martin would be committed to serving Missouri veterans during his tenure in office.