Reader Opinions

LETTER: Online Social Security statement provides estimates for retirement

A new online Social Security statement provides people with accurate estimates for retirement, survivor benefits and disability.

LETTER: Ed Martin is committed to veterans

Attorney general candidate Ed Martin would be committed to serving Missouri veterans during his tenure in office.

LETTER: Community can help veterans connect with mental health services

As the war comes to a close, Americans must ensure their veterans receive the mental health care they need to reenter civilian life.

LETTER: EEZ data in Missouri not verified

Columbia resident Linda Green feels the evidence in support of EEZs is scant and that their implementation in Columbia could lead to economic trouble.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Deaton responds to National Research Council Report

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton expresses his support for the concepts covered in the National Research Council's latest report.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bolts securing Stephens College pedestrian bridges are no longer effective

In 2009, a 10-page report concluded that bolts securing Stephens College bridegs had been dissolved by ice melt, a similar issue facing the St. Louis Arch.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Special Olympics offers thanks to Columbia, volunteers, sponsors

The Columbia community has always been kind to Special Olympics, and the city really rolled out the red carpet for this event.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Closing of press product of the wrong model for university

The decision to close the press will have a long-term effect on the cultural climate at MU.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Into what dark hole will the University of Missouri Press budget go?

With the demise of the press in 2013, MU’s reputation as an academic university must be questioned and MU will establish an image as primarily a sports school.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: University of Missouri Press should remain a priority

A university that doesn't value astute thinking and literary craft and surrenders the chance to promulgate them is simply contributing — eagerly, in this case, it would seem — to the continued decline of the culture.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Save the University of Missouri Press

The hard fact of present-day literary art is that it's the small, independent and university presses who are single-handedly rescuing new and emerging writers from the chaotic neglect of what few major publishing houses remain.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Are elected officials paying attention?

Missouri representatives ignore the voice of their constituents on important issues ranging from EEZ to the inauguration of Rush Limbaugh to the Hall of Famous Missourians.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: University of Missouri Press is essential to publishing community

The University of Missouri has erred in getting rid of its University Press, and the closing is an insult to the professional staff members who work there.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pastors should be present in Douglass Park

The problems in Douglass Park and in every spot that brings forth violence can be remedied by your being there and preaching God's love — and preaching it boldly.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Children in Cambodia a lesson for all

In the May 10 article "Vacation with a cause," a photo of Cambodian schoolchildren sitting peacefully before a meal is a different picture than what we see in America.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Health care law violates ethical, moral, religious obligations

Obama's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is an attack on the religious freedom of millions of Americans as all private health care insurance plans must offer contraceptives.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tenure is a better system than merit pay

Merit pay is based on test scores, which do not accurately reflect the work a teacher does.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Enhanced enterprise zones bring jobs, growth to community

Enhanced enterprise zones (EEZ) help local businesses expand and provide jobs within the community.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ballot initiatives give Missouri residents power over payday lenders

Payday lenders have long used predatory attempts to not only take advantage of Missourians, but to thwart the democratic process as well.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Missouri correctional centers, officers, inmates hurt by budget cuts

Missouri correctional centers have made cuts to medical treatments received by the inmates. Further cuts might harm both the offenders and the public.