Reader Opinions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Disputing facts about beginning of life

There is human life in a tube of blood and in the sperm and egg cells prior to fertilization. The question is when does a particular human life begin?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 40 Days for Life volunteers want to provide help

We are praying for the end of abortion. Abortion hurts. It not only hurts the baby physically, but it hurts the mother and father and all who are involved. 

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Protests on Providence respect guidelines

Human life begins at conception, and abortion is the direct killing of an innocent. Abortion harms mothers physically and mentally.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Booing Obama, not the troops

The new National Guard recruits were cheered for, and rightfully so.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Citizens can rein in federal power

I have decided to leave a legacy of action by getting involved, writing my legislators and telling everyone I can there's a way out through convention of states.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need to leave carbon in the ground

In the interests of retaining an environment that supports human peace and well-being, we must immediately and substantially reduce human production of greenhouse gases and other harmful materials.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nuclear plants are not cost effective

S. David Freeman is famous for his innovative energy conservation and cost-cutting programs. He said nuclear plants are not cost effective.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Planned Parenthood protests show harsh behavior

My first problem is the assumptions made of us, the clients. They assume we are all there for an abortion and that we do not have a relationship with God. I strongly dislike feeling a raised level of anxiety getting out of my car to go to my gynecological appointment.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Brandon Coleman's family could file civil suit

Brandon Coleman's family and friends could enter a civil suit, which would be presented to the public and possibly a jury trial.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why I demonstrated on behalf of Brandon Coleman

Brandon Coleman can't present his side of the issue because he was shot and died.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: U.S. must take more active role in United Nations

By taking an active role in the UN, U.S. leaders can ensure that American priorities are heard on the world's stage, including advancing human rights, and emergency humanitarian aid in times of need.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Government must continue working to avoid financial disaster

This is no time for speeches. It is time to get to work.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hartzler holds minority view

Vicky Hartzler's conservative views represent a small minority of her constituency.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Police chief should rehire Sanders

The Columbia Police Department should rehire the acquitted Rob Sanders or relieve Police Chief Ken Burton of his duties.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Health Care Act makes preventive screenings possible

Twenty-seven million currently insured women have already benefited from access to fully covered women’s preventive services, including breast exams and mammograms.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Police need to set professional standard

An editorial in the Columbia Daily Tribune once again continues its traditional sympathetic approach to police misconduct issues.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cyclists also bear responsibility on the road

Bikers have a responsibility to follow the laws and rules of the road, just as drivers do.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Blunt's actions show little regard for Missourians

By voting “yes” to cloture then “no” to adding back in Obamacare language, Senator Blunt has made clear his one true goal: To make a career of being Senator and to protect his job at all costs.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Help local hungry by sharing the harvest this fall

Archery, muzzleloader or firearms hunters can donate some or all of a deer to Share the Harvest by taking it to a participating processor or locker. All Share the Harvest venison stays in the community where it is donated.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Learn about pipeline project at informational meeting

The Heartland Prairies Tar Sands Resistance will talk about tar sands and the Flanagan South Pipeline on Friday at the Boone County Government Center.