Reader Opinions

GENE ROBERTSON: Gap between franchised and disenfranchised remains wide

Prejudice and discrimination profiteering is still occurring on the backs of the poor and other disenfranchised groups.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: To address crime, we need overhaul of Police Department

We do not need a task force for crime in this town. We need the resignation of an ineffective police chief.

ROSE NOLEN: Taking a look at sleep, surgery and summer vacation

Missouri is a great place to spend the summer exploring.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Curfews are not the solution to youth crime in Columbia

Curfews raise many questions about enforcement and foster increased rebellion.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Legislation is a critical step toward high-speed broadband access for Missouri

House Bill 331 would bring uniformity to Missouri's current guidelines and result in expanded wireless networks.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Washington must address corporate tax reform

If big corporations would pay their fair share, money would be available for critical, life-saving programs.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: The climate change debate — pay now, or pay much more later

For too long, policymakers, including coal-state senators from both parties like Democrat Claire McCaskill and Republican Roy Blunt of Missouri, have put off the costs for another day.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri should not delay access to health care

The problem of uninsured Missouri residents impacts everyone. The uninsured miss out on preventive care and management of chronic illnesses that could keep them out of emergency rooms and hospitals.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Article gives wrong impression about UM Press

I eagerly await the selection of a permanent Director of the Press and look forward to discussions with that person about future directions of the Press.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Immigration bill is right step for international students

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton believes the Senate's immigration bill will provide international students a clear path to stay in the U.S. after graduation to create new American jobs.

GUEST COMMENTARY: It's time to stand up for rural Missouri

This year's bill required some Missouri-style compromise and commonsense — and while nobody got everything they wanted, it's a bill that we can all be proud of, and that passed the Senate with a large bipartisan majority.

GENE ROBERTSON: Humans were created for unity

There is nothing as rich as the development and remembrance of a shared experience. On the other hand, there is nothing as frustrating as a lack of unity in an experience or endeavor requiring it.

J. KARL MILLER: How the shadow of Big Brother looms over Washington

The disclosure of data mining has aroused condemnation at both ends of the political spectrum. The far right and the far left alike have criticized this as an invasion of privacy. Either way, though, it's time for the Obama administration to be more transparent.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri senators form partnership to prevent sexual abuse in the military

The news about sexual violence against both women and men in our nation’s military services is so egregious that political combatants have joined forces to fight the issue and end the abuse.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Join cause to find space for needed services in Columbia

The Interfaith Day Center at 616 Park Ave. in the First Ward is a daytime drop-in and referral hub.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Public needs to see UM Press budget numbers

It would be worth reporting on budget allocations for the UM Press for the current year and the proposed fiscal year.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A special prosecutor is needed to probe Obama administration

Republicans and others are calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the allegations against the Obama administration.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Social Security continues as fight between Main Street, elite

The effort to cut Social Security benefits isn't a left vs. right argument. Instead, it's a fight between Main Street and the Wall Street elite.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nixon's veto stopped tax cuts that were dangerous for Missouri

Although Missouri's tax system does need updating in a way that supports the common good, House Bill 253 would have hurt the state.


GUEST COMMENTARY: Columbia airport needs our business more than tax money

Before spending millions of dollars on a terminal expansion, taxpayers in Columbia should commit to using their regional airport whenever practical rather than driving to St. Louis or Kansas City.