Reader Opinions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Is university's trayless effort necessary?

One of the most important parts of the college experience is to learn how to handle freedom, and exhibit self-control.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Guns in schools is not the answer

It’s not right for someone young to be exposed to something so deadly as a gun. Children should not be exposed to guns — especially in schools.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: NRA should help draft crime-fighting bill

The NRA would support Congress instead of fight members if it could help draft legislation.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Confusion about 'reading wars' is about terminology

The confusion regarding the "reading wars" lies in the technology. What a recently published article in the Missourian calls “phonics-based instruction” is actually “intensive systematic phonics instruction,” a view of phonics that insists we teach all children all the major rules of phonics in a strict order.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Kevin Crane is an inappropriate commencement speaker

There are not enough words to illustrate how disgusted I am by your decision to allow Kevin Crane to speak at commencement. Kevin Crane is a monster. I believe he is single-handedly responsible for keeping an innocent man, Ryan Ferguson, behind bars.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Time is running out to fix Second Injury Fund

The fund is part of the way workers are compensated for serious work-related injuries whch leave them permanently unable to work. Sadly, the fund is now bankrupt.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thank you to the MU community

A fundraising lunch raised more than $6,000 in donations for a young couple struggling to pay for cancer treatment. Donations are still being contributed.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Three cheers for Speaker Tim Jones' leadership on education

Despite the fact that funding per student has more than doubled since the Missouri Outstanding Schools Act of 1993, achievement has remained flat.

GUEST COMMENTARY: More efficient buildings can reduce energy usage

Sustainability with better design would help our community in countless ways.

GUEST COMMENTARY: We need more Arvarh Stricklands

What if brown-skinned children in inner-city schools had the opportunity to sit before their brown-skinned teachers everyday, who instilled in them pride and confidence in themselves and their academics to achieve beyond measure? More people looking like me, teaching people like me?

GUEST COMMENTARY: Stop the taxes

Fred H. Reiss counts the ways current, local and national, are affecting Columbia.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Shortened name misrepresents Muriel and Eliot Battle

Battle Garden and Battle High School should include the first names of the Battles.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Voter impersonation fraud is a nonissue in Missouri

Since no case of voter impersonation fraud has ever been documented in Missouri, since our state is in the midst of major budget problems, and since it would cost more than $7 million to enact these laws, it seems wasteful for our legislators to spend time and money on this issue.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Boston bombings show how journalism has changed

Journalism today blends professional reporting and online interaction among community members. Both professionals and citizen journalists find it's hard to be error-free when things move so fast.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Providence Road traffic must be managed

Delay in making decision about Providence Road safety just delays making the road safer, too.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Medicaid expansion would help Missouri's citizens

There is so much need to raise Medicaid eligibility to 138 percent of federal poverty level, so small community hospitals can stay open and provide vital care and stabilization to those who live far from larger cities.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Women's pay gap is an important issue for families

In Missouri, women are paid only 78 cents for every dollar a man is paid. This wage gap costs the average American full-time woman worker between $700,000 and $2 million over the course of her career.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Sen. Nieves' proposed legislation doesn't support law enforcement

I was raised with guns, and I can pass any kind of background check the feds require, as can my fellow law-abiding citizens. Who cannot pass are the ones I do not want to have guns.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Expanding Medicaid would help, not hurt, Missouri

Hard-working families deserve strengthened Medicaid and expanded health care coverage, and there are many good business reasons to do this.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ryan's budget won't help seniors

Rep. Paul Ryan toying with Social Security and Medicare in budget negotiations is concerning for seniors.