Special Sections

The scoop on dining plans, dining halls

 There are a lot of different dining plans and dining options at MU. Figure out which ones will be the best fit for you.

On a budget? Tips for having fun on the cheap in Columbia

A guide to staying entertained in Columbia without breaking the bank. 

Theater and music are still options in college

The School of Music and Department of Theatre can provide non-majors with a creative outlet and dozens of ways to get involved on campus.

How to budget and build your credit

Budgeting and even building a solid credit history for your future can be difficult to do, but MU's Office of Financial Success can help you get started.

No shortage of MU spirit in organized fan clubs

For fans of Missouri Athletics, the various student organizations provide an opportunity for students to meet new people and come together in their shared passion for MU Tiger pride.

How to use student charge and E.Z. Charge

MU offers students the ability to buy nearly anything sold on campus with just a swipe of their IDs thanks to student charge and E.Z. Charge. Here's how and where to use them.

Preparation, knowledge needed to be a successful MU fan

If you don't know what "knockout" or "gold rush" mean, you need to go back to the books. Find the chants, clothes and conduct to get your game face on.

Getting sick? The Student Health Center is available to help

The Student Health Center offers medical, mental and wellness programs. Students can typically get appointments for the same day or the next day.

Make your room your own without spending a lot at these secondhand stores

Looking for some cheap and interesting additions for your new space? Go out and check out these cool secondhand stores.

Campus centers offer assortment of resources for students

The Women's Center, Multicultural Center, RSVP Center, Wellness Resource Center, LGBTQ Resource Center and Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center are open to students looking for support, information and ways to get involved on campus.

Four tips for getting the books you need for class

Learn how to navigate the Mizzou Store's bookstore and where to find cheapest textbooks for your classes.

Cheap eats around campus for each day of the week

Finding the best deals on food near campus can be a struggle. Here are some highlights of happy hour specials that can't be missed. 

Where to have fun when you're under 21

Under 21? No problem. There are still plenty of fun on- and off-campus activities that you can enjoy on Friday and Saturday nights.

5 unexpected but great classes to add to your schedule

Taking one of these classes is all but guaranteed to put some fun into your schedule. 

The 3-exam strategy for a stack-up of finals

There are different strategies for success when attacking a full day of exams. Until you figure out what works for you, check out the outline of this plan for taking more than three exams in one day.

5 MU students share their most embarrassing stories

These MU students prove that those embarrassing moments that don't kill you only make you stronger.

8 quick food fixes to make in the residence hall

After you memorize the pattern of the menu in the dining hall, it might be time to consider more creative options.

Tips for achieving academic success in college

Here you'll find advice to help you get acclimated to the first weeks of school.

A short guide to obtaining residency for out-of-state students

Obtaining residency can save you thousands of dollars over the course of your academic career.

MU's Wellness Resource Center sets facts straight

MU students are not drinking as much as their peers think. The university's Wellness Resource Center is working to break down those misperceptions and educate students, so they won't feel as pressured to over-consume alcohol and drugs.