Special Sections

Tips for adjusting to roommates and residence halls

Moving away from home and into a residence hall can be a tricky transition. Here are some tips on how to make the best of your dorm experience.

MU Student Recreation Center offers workouts at various paces

No matter what your style of workout is, the MU Student Recreation Center has the right program for you.

E-BOOK: Tourism special section

Download an e-book about tourism and travel in Missouri.

Nicole Knapp-Weber helps bring Waldorf education to Columbia

City Garden School, led by Nicole Knapp-Weber, provides an alternative learning environment in the form of Waldorf schooling for first to third grades. About two dozen children are enrolled.


MU researcher finds cancer clue in blood of female dogs

While helping keep people and their dogs together, MU associate professor Jeffrey Bryan discovers a surprise that could potentially lead to a treatment for cancer.

MU researcher develops way to process soybean with no trans fats

Grover Shannon of MU's Department of Plant Sciences used genetic breeding to create a healthier, soybean-based alternative to trans fats. The soybean industry has high hopes for his high oleic breed of soybeans.

Breaking new ground: A Missourian special report

The Missourian takes an in-depth look at how members of the Columbia community are using their skills and resources to break new ground in a special publication, "Bright Ideas."

MU professor founds Equinosis, revolutionizes approach to equine lameness

MU professor Kevin Keegan created a device that has had a worldwide impact on lameness detection in horses.

MU researchers create 3-D microscope

MU researchers Gavin King and Krishna Sigdel created a 3-D atomic force microscope that would help scientists observe proteins in cell membranes on a molecular level.


Music professor teaches students to market their skills, as well as perfect their talents

A new music certificate program created by Professor Jonathan Kuuskoski will teach students how to self-start careers in the music industry. MU will be the first university to offer the music entrepreneurship certificate to both undergraduates and graduates. 

Breastfeeding research aims to eliminate stigma, decrease infant deaths

Sinclair School of Nursing professor Urmeka Jefferson's research aims to increase rates of breastfeeding in African-American women and decrease infant mortality.

Missourian's annual Progress Edition focuses on innovation in Columbia

This year, the Missourian is using its annual Progress Edition to highlight people who are using their expertise and resources in original ways to break new ground.

MU engineering professor's heat-transfer research could revolutionize mechanics

Bill Ma, an engineering professor at MU, has developed technology that could prevent mechanical systems from overheating more efficiently than existing methods.

MU lab uses lasers to detect metastasized skin cancer faster

MU professor John Viator hopes to introduce new technology, which aims to cut down the amount of time necessary to detect metastasized cancer cells, developed in MU's Viator Lab to the market.

Rock Bridge alumni develop telemedicine app

Two Columbia teenagers are developing an app for smart phones that brings diagnostic technology to the patient, instead of the patient having to travel to see a doctor.

MU researcher aids new anthrax detection development

Although the U.S. hasn't had an anthrax attack since 2001, scientists are working on ways to speed virus detection. An MU researcher played a part in proving that a new process works.

A better fit: New 3D knee implant technology shows promise

One Columbia doctor who is a proponent of the 3D-designed knees says they have benefits for patients and surgeons.


Criminalistics classes grow STEM presence in Columbia Public Schools

Columbia Public Schools is implementing a criminalistics program, giving students the opportunity to expand their interest in STEM-related topics.


MU Extension program helps older adults with Stay Strong, Stay Healthy program

For Emily Crowe, MU Advanced Stay Strong, Stay Healthy instructor, "Exercise is important at any age."


Theater professor pioneers technique combining video with puppets at MU

Brad Carlson combines traditional shadow puppetry with video and still image projection. The technique was used in the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Olympics to create an illusion of depth.