Special Sections

Columbia harbors visions of its own 'solar farm'

A large-scale solar "farm" initiative being considered by the city would make solar energy more  accessible.

MU course helps faculty understand differences in how people learn

Gina Ceylan, a graduate student at MU, is interested in improving inclusion in classrooms and determined to help educators in how they work with students of diverse abilities.


MU experiments with online tutoring program

In an effort to extend the availability of its tutoring, MU's Learning Center is running a pilot with the online tutoring program NetTutor.

E-BOOK: Welcome Back

In this downloadable e-book, you can find lists of new restaurants, campus construction projects and other information to help you navigate a return to Columbia.

Welcome back: What's new in Columbia and around campus

See what's new around town and at MU, and Stephens College and Columbia College. And, Tigers football fans, here's what you can expect this season.

2 new degrees debut at Columbia College

Bachelor degrees in public administration and master degrees in teaching are being introduced.

13 performance arts shows at Stephens College

Here is a list of 13 performances that will be presented by Stephens College.

13 discounts and deals for MU students

Student discounts are available at many Columbia stores and restaurants. Here's how students can find and receive them.

New restaurants, stores and fitness centers

A list of new restaurants and stores in Columbia.

12 football games broken down by date and team

A breakdown of the Missouri football schedule.

Analysis: 4 reasons why Missouri will — and 4 for why it won't — make it to a bowl this year

Working for the Tigers' chances at a bowl game are healthy players and star power. Working against the Tigers is a brutal schedule combined with coaching turnover.

Mizzou football's five new recruits

These five recruits are from four different states.

5 concerts to watch for this fall

Columbia venues to host variety of bands.

4 majors discontinued, 2 introduced for Stephens College students

Apparel studies and event and convention management will be two new majors offered at Stephens College.

Five new full-time faculty at Columbia College plus a presidential search

Terry Smith became interim president Aug. 2 and is expected to remain for the duration of the 2013-2014 school year.

Columbia College’s new science center by the numbers

The Gerald T. and Bonnie M. Brouder Science Center will open in August at Columbia College.

Sixteen international restaurants around downtown Columbia

Here is a list of 16 international restaurants around downtown Columbia.

4 summer renovation projects at Stephens College

Dudley Hall, Pillusbury Science Center, Hickman Hall and Stamper Commons are receiving upgrades.

12 places to get Mizzou apparel for this upcoming sports season

There are at least 12 places that sell MU licensed items around Columbia.

4 major construction projects give campus a facelift

Parts of campus are getting maintenance or makeovers before the fall semester starts.