Collegetown 2014

COLLEGETOWN: Your guide to navigating life at MU and in Columbia

Truman the Tiger greets fans before the Missouri football against Georgia at Faurot Field in September 2012.

Start the semester off right with the Missourian's annual guide for incoming freshmen and transfer students. Here's a list of what you'll find in the 2014 Collegetown edition.


Free and frugal events around campus

Fun activities on and off campus that are sure to fit into a college student's budget.


Keep up with campus news and activities on Twitter

Use your Twitter feed to get ahead of the game even before you start your first day of classes.

Stressed about school? Go running

Running can be a good way to reduce your stress and keep fit. There are clubs for all levels of runners and plenty of upcoming races.

Live theater performances offered in Columbia

Stages in and around Columbia will feature a variety of musicals and non-musicals this fall.

MU website helps students make healthy choices when eating in dining halls

The Zoutrition website allows students to see the nutrition information for food items at every dining hall, cafe and restaurant on campus.

At times of stress, MU Counseling Center can help

College can become stressful and overwhelming, but the MU Counseling Center can help.

Student ID gives access to most MU sporting events

Except for football and basketball, all MU athletic events are free for students who present a valid student ID at the gate on game day.


MU’s traditions keep community alive

During its 175-year history, MU has acquired traditions that include its mascot, Truman the Tiger, and a long-held rivalry with Kansas.

Five things your professor wants you to know

Ever wondered what your professor was thinking, or why he or she was so unhelpful? Get some advice from a graduate student who also teaches a class at MU.

Buy a planner and get organized from day one

College is about to begin, and getting in the habit of being organized this year will not only help this semester's grades, but next year's, too.

Daytime naps recharge, refresh

Naps are an inevitable part of college. Whether they are on purpose or accidental, naps will happen, senior Charlie Koors said. Current MU students suggest finding a comfortable couch in the MU Student Center or one of the many lounges on campus.

Tips for navigating MU's online registration system

Registering for classes? Making a payment? Finding your schedule? At MU, it's all done on myZou. Take a tour of the website to get a leg up on other incoming students.

5 things to know about Chancellor Loftin

MU's new chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin, has made a name for himself wearing bow ties at all of the university's events. But there are a few other things to know about the chancellor before setting foot on campus.

Know your student loans

Choosing the right student loans can save you time, money and peace of mind.

Libraries, Residence Halls, coffee shops all offer good options for studying

The perfect study location is hard to find, but maybe this will help. We've included coffee shops, classrooms, cafes and university study rooms, all of which provide students with access to specific features such as charging stations, peace and quiet and refreshments.

The scoop on dining plans, dining halls

 There are a lot of different dining plans and dining options at MU. Figure out which ones will be the best fit for you.

On a budget? Tips for having fun on the cheap in Columbia

A guide to staying entertained in Columbia without breaking the bank. 

Theater and music are still options in college

The School of Music and Department of Theatre can provide non-majors with a creative outlet and dozens of ways to get involved on campus.

How to budget and build your credit

Budgeting and even building a solid credit history for your future can be difficult to do, but MU's Office of Financial Success can help you get started.