Welcome Back 2014

Columbia Transit launches new bus system

A bus with information about COMO Connect, Columbia's public transit system, sits outside The Central Pantry on Big Bear Boulevard.

Columbia Transit buses will be free throughout August to help riders get acclimated to new COMO Connect bus system.

Wider bus system reaches more of Columbia

COMO Connect was designed to reduce wait times to between 15 and 30 minutes.

Alternative sports abound in Columbia

Columbia is home to a variety of alternative sports leagues, each with a reputation for being inclusive, accepting, and enjoyable. Three of the most popular alternative sports are bike polo, roller derby, and disc golf. 

Renew Mizzou project means new locations for offices, museums

As part of the $22.85 million project, students can expect to see offices inside Jesse Hall relocated for a year. Swallow and Pickard halls will be offsite for the foreseeable future.


Five headlines for this season about Maty Mauk and others

Here are five headlines for this season, including Maty Mauk's starting quarterback role and replacing defensive end Michael Sam.

New administration takes root at Columbia College

Columbia College has a new president and vice president for adult higher education. They are continuing a candidate search for a new executive director.

Fun events happening for fall semester

A list of some of the entertainment that will be offered for college students upon their return, with speakers, movies and a Welcome Week concert on campus.


Memorial Stadium's renovations expected to be ready for start of 2014 season

The east side renovations to Memorial Stadium will cost around $46 million. There will be expanded club and upper deck seating with enhanced restrooms and concession areas. The project is expected to be finished for the first game of the season on Aug. 30.

Two craft doughnut shops set to move into downtown Columbia

Strange Donuts, a St. Louis-based shop run by Corey Smale and Jason Bockman, is coming to an unidentified location this fall. The shop joins Harold's Donuts as the second new downtown craft bakery.

Five players to watch this upcoming season

Five Missouri football players to watch this upcoming season.


Five SEC games to pay attention to this season

It is Missouri's third season in the Southeastern Conference. Heading into this season, here are five SEC games to watch for.


Columbia arts program and Roots 'N' Blues plan collaboration

Nineteen high school students created a mural, 24 feet wide, for this year's Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ festival.

Downtown walking tours explore Columbia's history

The Historic Preservation Commission has put together four walking tours from July 31 to Oct. 30.

MU finishes construction on one dorm, moves on to the next

An update on all the construction to the residence halls, including the reopening of Johnston Hall this fall and the beginning of the Dobbs Replacement Project.

Missouri's 2013 football season made headlines

After a tough inaugural season in the SEC, Missouri made a major comeback in 2013 to capture the SEC East title.

A rundown of restaurants that opened, closed around town

A bunch of new restaurants have opened in Columbia, but at the expense of some that closed.

While you were away: A downtown news update

Columbia's face has changed since students left in May. Find out what's changed and why.

Returning students will see some new faces on campus

As another fall semester begins, MU will be home to some new faculty. Here are four faces to look for.


Campus dining halls offer new features for the fall

A look into the latest updates on the dining options available for students on campus.


New clubs are coming to MU this fall

As students return to campus, there will be 22 new clubs waiting for them to join.