Drills take aim at tentative target

Get out of the way.

Boilermaker was nearly a Tiger

Major college basketball players are proud people. When they are being recruited, they are used to prospective coaches catering to their needs and showing interest in them as human beings, not just basketball players. Former Tigers recruit Keaton Grant said Missouri didn’t do any of that.

Wilson sheds troubled start to spark team

Moments after the Cougars’ 72-66 upset victory Tuesday night at home against Missouri Valley College, Terren Wilson’s head bobs up and down with the vigor of a boxer who has just knocked down the heavyweight champion of the world.

Resilient wrestler returns after several injuries

Aaron Brady has one more shot, and the Hickman wrestling team’s 160-pounder doesn’t intend to waste it.

Vaulting into competition

When a torn Achilles tendon nearly ended the career of senior Whitney Crater, it provided an opportunity for improvement — both for Crater and junior Nikki Bowman.

Bruins freshman quietly makes big impact

Amaya Williams stretches in a circle with her teammates, counting slowly to 10 while she reaches for her right foot with legs split. She counts quietly, as is her nature. Williams is the kind of girl who speaks only when spoken to, and even when that happens, conversations begin and end quickly.

Smith will miss Sun Bowl

Brian Smith will not play in the Sun Bowl, Missouri coach Gary Pinkel said after practice Friday.

Bowl location plus for Missouri

Missouri football coaches love playing in Texas.

In the fast lane

Bennett Clark says he didn’t expect to become one of the best short-distance swimmers in the country.

Bobcats cannot answer Riddle

When things went wrong for Ohio this week on the road, coach Sylvia Crawley didn’t get angry. She started snowball fights with her players.

Weight loss controlled in wrestling

For a wrestler, working out with a plastic trash bag over your body or turning up the thermostat in the weight room to resemble a sauna doesn’t seem strange. Dehydrating yourself to lose some weight works.

Generous gymnasts

Ashley Khederian labored to push the cart across the indoor track at Hearnes Center field house.

Manager invaluable to team

The life of a basketball manager isn’t an easy one. There’s laundry to wash, stats to take and balls to hand out to players. But Theresa Brown takes care of the Missouri women’s basketball team just about every day, and there’s nothing else she’d rather be doing.

New coach identifies with team

It was a tough day at the gym for Julie Abaray. Her stomach hurt, and the junior MU gymnast didn’t feel like competing, but now she had to do a balance beam routine in front of the team.

Missouri back to mat after tournament win

The past four days have brought individual and team recognition to the Missouri Tigers wrestlers.

Cougars start over — again

The noise was deafening. Cougars fans were in a state of delirium, clapping and stomping with such force that the stands on both sides of the court were shaking noticeably.

Shooting in spurts for Stars

It was a game of runs at Silverthorne Arena on Tuesday night.

Cougars’ home court inhospitable

At first glance, the Arena at Southwell Complex looks like a perfectly safe place to play basketball. The foundation feels sturdy, and the steel beams above look amply strong to support the roof. When the buzzer sounds and the Columbia College women’s basketball team takes the floor, however, four spots on the court become more dangerous than a pit full of rattlesnakes.

Cougars return home after layoff

When the Columbia College men’s basketball team faces Missouri Valley College at 7 tonight at Southwell Complex, the arena may seem as foreign to the Cougars as it does to their opponents.

Hard to overlook MU

If Missouri coach Mike Anderson had a vote in a national poll, he wouldn’t have put the Tigers on his ballot. There were, however, a few voters who disagreed.