Chiefs put down Broncos

KANSAS CITY — NFL rushing leader Larry Johnson made the Denver Broncos’ fifth-ranked run defense look ordinary.

Freshman not short on fans

When Tess Hayes played basketball for Higbee High School, the teams were six-on-six.

‘Last of a dying breed’

NEW YORK — John Riggins was the type of player kids loved emulating. He was a bruising runner with a mean streak and big shoulder pads who plowed through defenders and dragged them along for the ride, all the way to the Hall of Fame.

Curling enthusiasts willing to go long haul

Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean is a freighter loaded with 13 tons of coveted supplies, steaming its way toward North America.

Rams continue to get run over

ST. LOUIS — It’s a weekly topic at Rams Park: What’s wrong with a defense that can’t stop the run?

Coach back at home with Kewpies

In 1978, Ken Ash was in his final year as coach of the Hickman boys basketball team. Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson produced a No. 1 hit that year that implored mammas everywhere not to let their babies grow up to be cowboys.

When Cornish comes calling

Unlike most standout Big 12 Conference football players, Jon Cornish was not heavily recruited in high school.

Judge declines plea in Temple case

An Missouri football player charged with assault in June pleaded guilty to peace disturbance Wednesday in Boone County Circuit Court. But the judge declined his plea.

Missouri falls to Stanford

Missouri 6-foot-3 center EeTisha Riddle doesn’t usually look up to too many players. But Tuesday night, she found herself looking up to Stanford’s 6-foot-5 Kristen Newlin. And 6-foot-4 Jayne Appel.

Freshman force

Missouri wide receiver Jared Perry is generously listed at 6-foot-1, 170 pounds in the media guide.

Coming off the bench, Berardini brings spirit

The students start chanting his last name with about two minutes left. The other players on the Missouri bench, just moments away from another win, start to stir. Then, the man everybody wants to see stands up. He gets some last-minute instructions from coach Mike Anderson before pulling off his warm-up jacket. He runs to the scorer’s table to check in. And then the crowd erupts.

Columbia College still not finding answers

The Columbia College men’s basketball team just can’t seem to get it right.

MU’s athletic department re-certified by NCAA

After an almost two-year self inspection, the University of Missouri Department of Athletics was re-certified by the NCAA.

Crane, Lewis lead Bruins

Wrestling is an individual sport. But being a successful team is a large part of having individual success.

Tigers travel for holiday

Forget a full table.

Officials tell Pinkel call was bad

The Big 12 Conference tried to right a wrong Monday.

New contract gives recruits impression of commitment

The timing seems questionable with the Missouri football team wallowing in a three-game losing streak, but the new five-year contract coach Gary Pinkel signed Friday has important ramifications for recruiting.

Win would mean much for Cougars

Breathe. Dribble. Breathe. Swish.

Younger Askren in top form for Missouri wrestlers

Although not always by the most graceful of means, Max Askren came out on top.

Rejuvenating return

KANSAS CITY — Trent Green looked and felt just like new. He was at his best when Kansas City needed him most.