Golden Girls turning heads at national level

Too many, the Golden Girls are a mere sidelight at Missouri basketball and football games. Their dance routines are impressive, but the main attraction is the game.

Feeling right at home

As Missouri 174-pounder Ben Askren walked onto the floor of the Hearnes Center minutes before the Tigers’ match against Pittsburgh on Thursday night, he stopped to look around at the crowd. Since his freshman year, Askren, now a senior and top-ranked as the defending national champion in his weight class, said he has been hoping the word would spread about the Missouri men’s wrestling team, also top-ranked in the country.

Victory ‘hangover’ hurts Hickman

Oak Park has one senior on its roster, but that senior single-handedly dominated Hickman in the Oakies’ 50-44 victory Wednesday night at Hickman.

Anderson soars again

Yvonne Anderson is a leader.

Illinois admits newfound respect for Tigers

The Missouri men’s basketball team lost its seventh straight to Illinois in the Busch Braggin’ Rights game. But Tuesday night’s game left Illini players feeling a little more proud about the win than years past.


ST. LOUIS — Sometimes, no matter how hard you play, or how well prepared you are, you lose. Things such as tipped passes or oddly bouncing balls just happen.

Towering players fuel win for Bruins

On the basketball court, size doesn’t guarantee victory. But it helps.

Sluggish start ends in victory for Mizzou

Marchele Campbell isn’t sure what she’s going to do when she goes home and can’t watch ESPN because her parents don’t have cable. For her six-day break from basketball practice, she’ll be doing what every college student wants to be doing: nothing.

Kewpies push to victory over Jefferson City

With a senior out, Hickman pulled off a win with the help of a sophomore and defense.

Defense turns offense in ‘big man’ practice

There were some very unusual sights Tuesday at the Devine Pavilion, where the Missouri football team was practicing for the upcoming Sun Bowl game.

Fouls send Tigers back to bench

ST. LOUIS — Early on in the first half, it was evident that fouls were going to be a factor in Tuesday night’s Busch Braggin’ Rights game between Missouri and Illinois.

Rivalry renewal?

If not for what happened a few months later, it would have been remembered as the worst moment of last season.

Second-half surge sends Rock Bridge to big victory

Rolla came into Monday night’s game ready to start where it left off last year, defeating Rock Bridge to hand the Bruins one of only three losses last season.

Cougars’ tandem shows talent

With less than five minutes remaining and his team leading by 30 points, Columbia College men’s basketball coach Bob Burchard took guards Marcus Bradford and Terren Wilson out of the game. After combining for 50 points Monday, the two deserved to watch the rest of the Cougars’ 90-58 blowout of Saint Louis Christian College.

No lack of scorers for Tigers

Standing at the free-throw line, her back to her own goal, EeTisha Riddle becomes the hub of a play.

Maclin rushes recovery

Jeremy Maclin lines up on the right side of the field during the final play of Monday’s football practice. He takes a few steps forward when the ball is snapped, then the freshman wide receiver runs to the center of the field where backup quarterback Chase Patton throws a short pass. Maclin catches the ball and is immediately hit hard on his left and right side by defenders.

Similar steps

Illinois has won the past six matchups against Missouri in the Braggin’ Rights series.

MU’s St. Louis natives looking forward to game

The first time Kalen Grimes went to a Braggin’ Rights game, he was a freshman in high school. He was also sitting on the Illinois side as a potential recruit.

Showing how it’s done

Eleven rows behind the Missouri women’s basketball team’s bench sits 17 seventh- and eighth-grade girls, waving black and gold pompoms and looking at the team picture handed to them with player information and the season’s schedule on the back. They’re eager for the game to end so they can head to the court and get autographs from their favorite players.

Kids’ club keeps rolling

More than a dozen red-faced young boys with untied shoes strategically position themselves on the green and gold matted floor of the Rock Bridge wrestling room. Waiting intently on all fours for their coach’s signal, a few of the boys grin knowingly in anticipation of the ensuing mayhem. On cue, the boys rumble toward each other, ultimately engaging in desperate attempts to remove their opponents’ footwear.