‘The only thing we do’

There are no glamour positions in wrestling. In football, a quarterback stands out while a left guard goes unnoticed. In baseball, a pitcher gets all the credit for a great game while most people forget that it was the catcher signaling what pitch to throw.

Talent not issue for Kewpies, Bruins

The Hickman and Rock Bridge wrestling teams have a common theme this season: talent.

Hester, Bears high-step over St. Louis in victory

ST. LOUIS — The dome was rocking with chants of “Let’s Go Bears,” and Chicago’s football team looked right at home in St. Louis.

Pieces fall into place for Smith

ST. LOUIS — The charts Lovie Smith used to ensure his players hustled are gone but far from forgotten for his old St. Louis Rams defensive players.

Chiefs can’t break through

KANSAS CITY — Since its impressive victory over Denver on Thanksgiving night, Kansas City has had very little to be thankful for.

For Devon Huff, racing cars against adults is child’s play

In between bites of his Snickers bar, Devon Huff calmly explains how he goes about racing cars.

Coach’s style ignites Cougars

Mike Davis has the look of a man who knows something you don’t.

For third-string kicker, being around football is key

Kicker is far from the top of the list of glamorous positions on a football team. The backup kicker rarely sees the field, and the position of third-string kicker may as well not exist. So why does Trace Teas, Missouri’s third-stringer, stick with it?

Karate club’s girls get tough

The students of the Sho-Rei-Shobu-Kan Karate Club are laying out their dojo on a basketball court in the Mizzou Recreation Center. The 15 students carry in stacks of blue mats, the kind most recognizable as elementary school P.E. class mainstays, and drop them on the ground with a resounding clap. The shirts differ, but everyone is wearing white martial arts pants, which resemble some sort of cross between pajamas and hospital scrubs.

Shooting for the Stars

Deb Duren’s corner office in room 223 of Stamper Commons is in the middle of the Stephens College campus. There is a plush white couch and a desk in disarray, covered in papers. Duren’s face beams in a photo of her holding a massive fish.

Cougars cruise to victory

It was a supercharged atmosphere at Southwell Complex on Saturday afternoon. There was a live band playing in the southwest corner of the gym. In a pregame ceremony, coach Mike Davis accepted a signed game ball from his 400th career victory, achieved in Monday’s win over Park (Mo.) University.

Columbia College guard Amber Lewellen ducks under a defender to drive to the basket during Saturday’s victory. (MAGGIE RIFE/Missourian)

Dominant defense leads to Stephens rout

The Stephens College Stars probably couldn’t have given away their game against Mount Mary College on Saturday if they wanted to.


For five players on the Missouri men’s basketball team, Saturday’s game at Purdue provided a new experience: a loss in a Division-I basketball game.

Former Olympic decathlete shares wisdom with coaches

Wearing his black and red Nike sweats, former Olympic gold medalist Dan O’Brien asked for a little audience assistance.

Practice in pads big hit for MU

The yells and hits at football practice Saturday morning were louder than usual.

Stein brings her perspective to poll

On Tuesdays, Missouri women’s basketball coach Cindy Stein has a responsibility.

Gymnasts keep it fan-friendly

The coaches have been preparing the Missouri gymnasts for Saturday’s Black and Gold Meet, but the gymnasts have also been preparing their friends.

Supporting cast

The whistle sounds. The referee tosses the basketball up for the Dec. 3 tip-off of the men’s basketball game between Missouri and Evansville. Some fans stand and chant “Let’s Go Mizzou!” Others patiently wait to get through the turnstiles at the entrance and then head to their seats.

Flaws expose Cougars, end winning streak

After getting buried early in the season, the Columbia College men’s basketball team has been digging and digging to get back to ground level.

Cougars’ coach learns on and off the court

Sitting on the bus with a cast on her broken ankle before the most important game of her junior season in high school, Melinda Wrye-Washington decided she didn’t want to simply cheer on the Eldon volleyball team.