Rams officially dismiss Martz

ST. LOUIS — Now that Mike Martz has medical clearance to return to coaching, he will need to find a team.

Blues back to form with fast start

ST. LOUIS — The St. Louis Blues finally got off to a strong start at home.

Tigers’ defense shows improvement

Friday’s game against Oakland surely didn’t excite many Missouri men’s basketball fans, but the 74-58 victory at least showed the Tigers are learning.

Vermeil gone

KANSAS CITY — With tears in his eyes, Dick Vermeil said this is really it. A third retirement means he is out of football.

Winning farewell for K.C. coach

KANSAS CITY — The Kansas City Chiefs gave Dick Vermeil a near-perfect goodbye gift.

The allure of going pro

MU quarterback Brad Smith stands behind the center and waits for the snap. Second-and-10, with 8:56 to play, the Tigers are down by 10 to Iowa State. They need something big to win their Homecoming game on this unseasonably warm October afternoon. The center snaps the ball. Smith looks to pass. But the quarterback who holds the NCAA record for single-season rushing yards always has the option to run.

Exclamation point!

SHREVEPORT, LA. — Gary Pinkel had coached his Missouri team to a comeback win in the Independence Bowl, celebrated with a Gatorade shower, spoken with the media and returned to the locker room to shower — this time conventionally.

Seniors make last shot their best

For the Missouri football team’s seniors, this was it.

Hoop resolutions for 2006

The New Year doesn’t afford Missouri a new basketball season. This one’s in full swing. But it can provide a fresh start, of sorts.

Two Tiger fans who do it right

SHREVEPORT, LA. – If you were to write a manual on the intricacies of being a college football fan, you would be wise to consider Ron Fauss and Doc Bryson for your subjects.

Stopping Smith

SHREVEPORT, LA. - The focus of the South Carolina football team could be summed up in one statement Thursday, as the Gamecocks made final preparations for their Independence Bowl match up today against Missouri.

Missouri explores options

What exactly, if the situation was to arise, would a college basketball team do without their starting point guard and floor general?

Rice makes good, finally

Two years ago, Sidney Rice was a big deal. A star high school football and basketball player in Gaffney, S.C, he was one of those guys who everyone knew.

A friendship based on faith ... and fishing

There are more than 100 players on the Missouri football team, and some friendships seem to form naturally.

Shreveport's soiree

SHREVEPORT, La. — The Independence Bowl gets some Americans to turn on their televisions for a few hours at the end of the year. For big college football fans, it might even be a reason for temporary excitement before it becomes an afterthought in the shadow of more prestigious bowls.

Mizzou can make declaration at Independence

The last time Missouri beat a Southeastern Conference team in football, a young coach named Gary Pinkel had just been promoted to offensive coordinator at Washington, the Cold War was reaching its climax and Brad Smith was still in diapers.

Bond leads MU to ninth-straight

The Missouri women’s basketball had three major milestones Thursday night.

Smith leads Tigers to comeback win in bowl

SHREVEPORT, La. -- One last time, Missouri was able to count on Brad Smith. And, yet another time, the greatest offensive producer the school has ever seen came through.

Independence Bowl text messages

Subscribers to the Mobile Missourian's sports results text messaging service received these dispatches throughout the game:

Missouri makes it two in a row

For the first time this season Missouri’s basketball team is two games above .500.