Tigers focus on bowl bid

In the past two weeks, the Missouri football team’s preseason goals have crumbled like a sandcastle at high tide.

Support crew

The sign outside the store has a familiar appearance to NASCAR fans.

Study critical of adults’ influence on youth sports activities

Craig McGonagle said he remembers it vividly.

Wrestling life trains Askren for title shot

A plaque in the wrestling room in Hearnes Center reads “Champions on and off the mat.”

Bruins make sure they take the right approach

Respect all, but fear none.

MU’s Drew set for new season

Kassie Drew couldn’t quite remember which it was.

Net results

Shen Danru has a combination of power and finesse that any coach would love to have.

Bradford block boosts Cougars

Patience is a word Marcus Bradford knows well. Bradford, a junior guard for Columbia College, spent his second semester last season on the bench in street clothes, unable to play because of transfer rules.

Once weak Baylor now eyeing bowl

Punter Daniel Sepulveda isn’t shy when it comes to assessing the state of the Baylor football, circa 2002.

MU waits on two recruits

The Missouri basketball team is awaiting official commitments from two potential new Tigers.

Lions bring second coach

His beloved Missouri Southern basketball team had just lost by 26 points to Missouri on Tuesday night and Rob Corn wore the same demeanor as he did at the tipoff.

Habermehl faces rival

Growing up in Independence, Missouri Southern forward Matt Habermehl was around a lot of Tiger fans.

Mistakes render offense ordinary

Missouri’s offense isn’t this bad. Really.

Bruins wrestler starts career

In a couple of weeks, when Rock Bridge freshman wrestler Pete Schermer wakes up and looks in the mirror, the hair that now flops around his head whenever he moves and curls and twists in a myriad of directions, will be gone.

Cougars rest easy in first-round win

When your sport requires you to ram your knees into the ground to dig a ball, force every muscle of your body into a spike and make quick moves with your feet to react to another team’s play, it can certainly start to wear on you. Especially when your team is 34 matches into its season.

Owner big influence on Edwards

He’s still in it. Columbia native Carl Edwards is making a charge in the Chase for the Nextel Cup after finishing first at the Dickies 500 in Fort Worth, Texas, on Sunday.

Young’s project

If being a senior leader, partially responsible for developing younger players, builds added pressure, center Kevin Young is letting the lid off.

Sounds of wrecking ball replace cheers at Busch

ST. LOUIS — With a resounding thud, a wrecking ball smashed into the southwest side of Busch Stadium on Monday afternoon to make room for a new ballpark, while St. Louis Cardinals fans reminisced about slugger Mark McGwire knocking home runs out of the park or left fielder Lou Brock stealing bases.

Texas-sized victory

FORT WORTH, Texas — Carl Edwards gambled on a late pit stop for tires, charged from sixth to first in 11 laps and won for the second straight week.

Tigers’ bowl hopes slipping away after two straight losses

Three weeks ago, the talk surrounding the Missouri football team centered on which bowl the streaking Tigers would be attending at the conclusion of the season.