MU Football

Michael Sam's news draws support, annoyance — and some yawns

The early morning crowd at Hy-Vee Cafe share their reactions to Michael Sam's announcement, ranging from indifference to support for the football player.

Other areas of mid-Missouri react to Michael Sam announcement

Reactions from around Missouri about Michael Sam's announcement that he is gay vary greatly. But most everyone offers an opinion.

Crane operator's picture of Michael Sam tribute goes viral

Virgil Jeffery captured and posted the viral snowy "Sam" tribute picture on Facebook while he was operating a crane at Faurot Field Monday morning.

Redefining manhood: Michael Sam's announcement challenges traditional masculine narratives

The rise of feminism, gay-rights activism and metrosexuals question traditional masculinity structures. Now, defensive back Michael Sam's announcement that he is gay challenges manhood in the professional sports arena.

Kent State suspends wrestler over Michael Sam slur

Kent State wrestler Sam Wheeler first tweeted Monday using a homophobic slur, saying he couldn't watch a sports program because they were talking about Sam, who is an NFL prospect.

Michael Sam could be important face in gay community

Michael Sam has said his focus is on football, but others — particularly those in the LGBT community — may not listen.

MU students rally around Michael Sam

Students are organizing a counterdemonstration to the Westboro Baptist Church protest expected this weekend.

Michael Sam's new fame could lead to financial gain

Michael Sam's coming-out announcement could mean financial endorsements.

UPDATE: Missouri, Michael Sam were prepared for the day Sam would come out

Michael Sam was ready to be in the spotlight on Sunday night, but that wasn't always the case.

A collection of supportive messages for Michael Sam

Michael Sam has received an outpouring of support following his announcement this weekend that he is gay.

TIMELINE: Michael Sam in good company: gay athletes in history

Missouri football player Michael Sam has joined a group of athletes whose sexual orientation has made history in the past five decades.

National media descend on Columbia in light of Michael Sam announcement

The scene in Columbia is a calm one just 24 hours after Sam's announcement in comparison to the virtual social media firestorm that is still ongoing. 

Missouri men's basketball team voices support for Michael Sam

Basketball coach Frank Haith said he applauds Sam and the football team's leadership.



Howard Bragman: Helping Michael Sam make a statement

Bragman focuses on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual public relations issues and events.

Missouri senator cites Sam in call for anti-bias bill

State Sen. Scott Sifton, a St. Louis Democrat, said Monday that lawmakers should use Sam's announcement as a rallying cry to pass anti-discrimination legislation.

UPDATE: Missouri defensive end Michael Sam comes out publicly as gay

After coming out as gay to his teammates in August, Sam announced his sexuality publicly on Sunday. He is attempting to become the first openly gay player to be drafted in the NFL.

Michael Sam: I believe it's the right time

Missouri defensive end Michael Sam spoke with the Columbia Missourian on Sunday night about how he came to a decision to announce publicly he is gay.

UPDATE: Celebrities, athletes react to Michael Sam coming out

The former Missouri defensive end will participate in the NFL Scouting Combine later this month.

Gay MLS player, formerly closeted NFL player speak out on Sam

Former NFL player Wade Davis and soccer player Robbie Rogers, both gay, chime in on Michael Sam's announcement.

BEHIND THE STORY: The Michael Sam story began brewing in August

When do you out a college football player? Not when you know.