MU Football

Missouri football player wanted rematch against Bryant

The Cowboys beat Texas A&M Saturday without Dez Bryant, who was declared ineligible by the NCAA last week.

Maclin gathers first NFL touchdowns

Former Missouri football standout Jeremy Maclin scored his first two NFL touchdowns Sunday for the Philadelphia Eagles.

COMMENTARY: Gabbert's performance a combination of inexperience and maturity

With two late interceptions it looked as if the headline of Blaine Gabbert's performance Thursday night had flipped in an instant. But with a closer look, Gabbert still showed some admirable traits.

Failed switch causes campus power outage

A high-voltage electricity distribution switch failed Thursday night, leaving Memorial Stadium without power for approximately 20 minutes. Like the stadium, most of campus experienced brief power loss, but 15 campus buildings were in the dark for up to an hour and a half.

Collapse came quickly for Missouri football team

After three quarters of dominance by the Missouri defense, it took only two minutes and 58 seconds to put the Tigers down for the night.

UPDATE: Storms cause power outage at Memorial Stadium

Memorial Stadium and several nearby buildings lost power Thursday night, one hour before the kickoff of Missouri's game against Nebraska. The game started on time, but the stadium's audio systems weren't functioning until later in the game.

Power goes out at Memorial Stadium

A power outage knocked out the Memorial Stadium lights for a brief period before kickoff Thursday night, but even the blackout wasn't enough to dim the spirits of the poncho-clad group of students who had made their way into the stadium.

Missouri running back Moore returns to field

De'Vion Moore had to arrive at the training facility at six a.m. for treatment. His work paid off when he returned to the field Thursday against Nebraska.


Nebraska rallies to stun Missouri, 27-12

Down 12-0 going into the fourth quarter, Nebraska scored 27 unanswered points to beat the Tigers, its first victory over Missouri in three years.

PHOTO SLIDESHOW: Nebraska beats Missouri 27-12

After leading for the first three quarters, the Tigers allowed the Cornhuskers to score 27 points in the fourth quarter, dropping Missouri's record to 4-1.

PHOTO GALLERY: More than fair-weather fans

Despite the wet weather, plenty of people came out for Missouri's game against Nebraska on Thursday.

Brief power outage at Memorial Stadium occurs before game

The outage lasted about 10 minutes.

COMMENT: 10 Things to look for while trying to park

While you're searching for parking for the big game be on the lookout for things seen only during an invasion of Nebraska fans.

Nebraska quarterback looks past what-ifs

Nebraska starting quarterback Zac Lee says he doesn't think about how things would have worked out if Missouri starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert had upheld his commitment to play for the Cornhuskers.

Missouri football players prepare for Huskers, first conference game

The team's experienced players are helping the younger players gear up for the big game against Nebraska, the first Big 12 Conference opponent of the season.

Student seats now 15.4 inches in Memorial Stadium

Although student seating was originally set at 14 inches per person, the athletics department did not sell the maximum number of student tickets, so the seat size has increased to 15.4 inches.

Oct. 8, 1992: the first night football game at MU

MU football had its first night game 17 years ago: an outside company provided the lighting, and students got in free. It was also on a Thursday and the date was Oct. 8.

Hotels give thumbs up, bars concerned about Thursday football game

City bars fear effect of kickoff time and weather forecast, while hotels embrace the influx of visitors to Columbia. One bar manager calls the prospect of heavy rain "a screwball on top of a curveball."

What you need to know for MU-Nebraska parking

MU's unusual Thursday evening game against Nebraska will mean a lot of extra traffic around campus. Those who drive or park near Memorial Stadium are asked to be patient and follow some simple guidelines.

Heavy rain possible during Missouri-Nebraska game Thursday

A meteorologist for the National Weather Service said there will be a 90 percent chance of rain on Thursday.